Sharjah Police Issue Warning to Unlicensed Drivers (Car Lifts, School Lifts)

In a recent cautionary announcement, Sharjah Police highlighted the significant dangers posed by entrusting children’s school transportation to unlicensed drivers. This warning comes in response to a tragic incident in which a 7-year-old child was found deceased in a vehicle after being left unattended. The police underline the lack of awareness these drivers have regarding mandatory safety protocols, which critically endangers children’s well-being.

7-Year Old Tragically Passes Away while in an Unlicensed Driver’s Care

The Sharjah Police’s warning comes after the operation room received a report of a child dying inside a vehicle in one of the regions of Sharjah. Upon investigation, it was found that the parent had hired an unlicensed driver to transport their children to school.

The driver left the child unattended in the locked vehicle while dropping off the other children, resulting in the tragic loss of life.

Investigations revealed a distressing oversight by a contracted female driver of Asian nationality, who failed to ensure all children had exited the vehicle upon arrival at school.

This unfortunate incident highlights the grave risks associated with using unlicensed drivers for child transportation.

Advocating for Safer Alternatives

In light of these events, the Sharjah Police fervently advises parents to opt for safer transportation methods. They recommend utilizing officially designated school buses, which are fully equipped with the necessary safety features and undergo rigorous, regular checks by relevant authorities.

Alternatively, personal transportation by parents is encouraged, emphasizing their inherent vested interest in their children’s safety and security. The overarching message from Sharjah Police is clear: prioritizing children’s safety through reliable transportation options is paramount.

Safety Measures for School Commutes

Sharjah Police recommend the use of school buses, which are equipped with safety features and are regularly monitored by authorities. For parents preferring personal transportation, it ensures children’s safety through direct supervision.

Police Recommendations

To prevent such unfortunate events, police advise against hiring unlicensed drivers and suggest using safer, approved transportation methods. The focus is on protecting children through responsible choices regarding their commute to and from school.