13 Best Filipino Street Food in Dubai

filipino street food

Every country has its own particular type of street food that people enjoy. For Filipinos, the most popular ones are fish ball, isaw, kwek kwek, turon, and many other delicious yet affordable snacks. Time and …


Filipino Pork Sisig Recipe

pork sisig

If you enter a Filipino restaurant in Dubai, most likely you will find sisig in the menu. This is a popular Pinoy dish that is usually made of minced pork, chopped onion, and chicken liver, …


Filipino Pork Barbecue Recipe

pork barbecue

In the Philippines, street vendors are a common sight, selling different kinds of food such as isaw (pork or chicken intestine), grilled hot dogs, and of course… pork barbecue! Basically, pork barbecue is composed of …


Filipino Pancit Bihon Recipe (Rice Noodles)

pancit bihon in dubai

A Filipino birthday, fiesta, or celebration would not be complete without pancit, which, just like lumpia, was introduced to Philippine cuisine by the Chinese. There are many variations of pancit, but for today’s recipe, we …


Filipino Tuna Kinilaw Recipe (Fish Ceviche)

tuna kinilaw

Philippine cuisine has been influenced by the Chinese, Spanish, and other cultures, as evident in dishes like lumpia and adobo, for example. However, there are recipes that are distinctly native to the Philippines, like kinilaw, …


Filipino Fried Lumpia Recipe (Spring Rolls)

lumpia recipe

Just the other day, we shared the recipe for chicken adobo. Today, we’d like to share about another popular dish that’s become a favourite during Filipino fiestas, parties, or even ordinary days… the pritong lumpia, …


Filipino Kare-Kare Recipe (Ox Tripe Stew)


Any Filipino fiesta or party would be incomplete without kare-kare, a stew that consists of ox tripe, ox tail, or both — cooked in rich, thick peanut sauce and served with tasty bagoong (shrimp paste). …


Filipino Chicken Adobo Recipe

how to cook filipino chicken adobo

Now that restaurants in Dubai have re-opened to serve dine-in customers at limited capacity, you might like feeling rushing out to order your favourite meals once again. But to be extra careful, consider staying home …