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PCG Dubai

For Filipinos wanting to renew their Philippine Passport in Dubai, or needing to upgrade to the ePassport, this is a post to guide you about the process. If your passport is about to expire, don’t wait further as you might get denied to travel. Please get an appointment and then head over to the PCG… Read more

Financial Literacy Seminar PCG Dubai

We have previously shared some practical tips to save money as an expat in Dubai, though it’s always a good idea to keep on learning about financial management. Fortunately, there’s going to be a series of free seminars on financial literacy, specifically for Filipinos in Dubai! ALSO READ: 5 Money Mistakes OFWs Should Avoid Last month, the Philippine Consulate… Read more

How to Replace Lost or Damaged Philippine Passport in Dubai

Aside from enabling you to travel between countries, your Philippine passport also serves as a means of identification when availing of various public services. But what happens if you lose your passport or if it accidentally gets damaged? What’s the first thing should you do? ALSO READ: How to Check the Status of Your Philippine Passport Application Fortunately,… Read more

no more red ribbon pcg dubai

Mga kabayans, please be advised of an announcement made by the Philippine Consulate General of Dubai concerning red ribbon authentication/notarization of Philippine Documents. According to an advisory by PCG Dubai, starting June 15, 2019, the Consulate will no longer include Red ribbons on the documents. Also Read: How to Renew Philippine Passport in Dubai – Step… Read more

Philippine Missions in UAE Gear Up for Midterm Elections

Registered voters in the Philippines will soon be voting for their preferred candidates in the 2019 Midterm Elections. The same goes for millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are all set to vote from April 13 to May 13 in Philippine missions around the world! ALSO READ: President Duterte Wins TIME 100 Reader Poll Here… Read more

PCG-Dubai to Hold Free Seminar on Starting a Business in the PH

Perhaps one of the greater goals that many OFWs have is to put up a business that can support themselves and their families as early as now, or even when they reach retirement age. Though working abroad as an OFW has a lot of benefits and advantages such as seeing more of the world and… Read more

OFW who Jumped off Dubai Building Hired via Social Media - DFA 4

Just the other day, we shared the news story about a Filipina worker who jumped off the third floor of a building in Dubai. Apparently, she tried to escape from her employment agency, which had been holding her captive, not giving her any food, and even keeping her passport. According to the 27-year-old Filipina, she accepted a… Read more

how to notarize documents pcg dubai

Whether you are getting married, applying for NBI clearance, or processing officials documents, you will need to have these notarized at the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) in Dubai. The notarization is a process in which documents are authenticated (with red ribbon) in order to validate them. In our case, we were applying for a loan… Read more

Calling on Filipinos to Join Pageant Contests at Bayanihan Festival 2018 6

Last week, Philippine Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes invited everyone to Bayanihan Festival 2018, which will be held on December 21 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). The festival is an annual event held by the Philippine Consulate in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The Bayanihan Organizing Committee, along with JCA Event Organizers LLC, is… Read more

amnesty uae 2018

PCG Dubai has released a statement concerning the UAE amnesty program for illegal residents. The program will take effect from 1 August to 31 October 2018 and they advise visa violators who want to take part in it to file during the amnesty period. Note: This applies to those who have visas in Dubai. For… Read more

When working abroad, Filipinos go to the Philippine embassy to process important documents. For instance, when Pinoys in Dubai need to renew their passport or apply for a marriage certificate, they head to the office of the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) in the emirate. However, since embassies often operate on weekdays, most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)… Read more

If you are planning to renew your passport anytime soon, then you need to make an online appointment. According to the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, “walk-in” applications for passport renewal will no longer be accepted starting April 10, 2018. Through a recent advisory, the Consulate announced that only certain groups of people are exempted from… Read more

10 years passport validity philippines

Good news to Filipinos especially those who are abroad as the issuance of the 10-year validity of our Philippine passports has begun in January 3, 2018. In a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Director Geronimo Suliguin, officer in charge for DFA-Office of Public Diplomacy, mentioned that January 1 and 2 were holidays, so… Read more