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List of Shopping Malls in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the 7 emirates of the UAE… the third largest one, in fact. It also happens to be the only emirate to have land areas on both the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Cool! ALSO READ: Sales & Shopping Events to Look Forward to this 2019 There are plenty of places to visit… Read more

New Road to Ease Traffic Between Dubai & Sharjah Opens in June

Many people travel between Dubai and Sharjah everyday, for work as well as for leisure purposes. As a result, traffic can build up quite frequently. Fortunately, there’s a new road that aims to reduce traffic between the two emirates, and its going to open soon! ALSO READ: Transportation – Getting Around Dubai You heard that right!… Read more

ramadan night sale expo centre sharjah

Avid shoppers have more reasons to rejoice this Ramadan month especially to those residing in the emirate of Sharjah. Aside from huge discounts on groceries and great bargains on new cars, the annual “Ramadan Nights” is happening in Sharjah during Ramadan and Eid holidays. The 17-day mega sale will offer discounts of as much as 80 percent!… Read more

Dubai’s Landmark Group to Open New Mall in Sharjah

The UAE has been known for its many retail and luxury outlets, as well as state-of-the-art shopping mall districts, which also serve as top attractions for both locals and expats alike. ALSO READ: Sales & Shopping Events to Look Forward to this 2019 And as this industry has proven to be a solid contributor to… Read more

Sharjah Announces New Pre-paid Parking Area

Driving in the UAE requires one to be aware of the systems and regulations imposed by the government, so as not to receive traffic fines and be issued warnings, violations, and black points. In this regard, parking is also well-organized in this country, as citizens are required to pay parking fees in both public and… Read more

Expats in this Emirate Will Have Cheaper Power Bills to Pay

The Year of Tolerance in the UAE consistently underscores the welfare and happiness of the people in the country. It is through this vision that a number of benefits have been granted to citizens, both nationals and expats in the country. Among these include free car check-ups and the granting of the long-term visa for… Read more

Catch FREE Shows at Sharjah Light Festival from Feb. 6 to 16 10 f

The Sharjah Light Festival is coming soon for its 9th year! Mark your calendars from February 6 to 16, and bring your friends to see different places in Sharjah — all lit up in dazzling colours! Every year, the government of Sharjah, through the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, invites renowned artists to set up light… Read more

honest indian returns 100,000 dirhams

An Indian found over 100,000 AED on the street and surrenders it to Sharjah Police. This is an action worth praising and authorities have just done that. In a post from the Instagram account of the Sharjah Police Department (@shjpolice), the Indian man named Mr. Surra Doyle, has been awarded for his honesty. While the… Read more

There are several malls in Dubai and the UAE already, though there is always something new around the corner. Just recently, a new and exciting shopping destination opened in Sharjah: “Zero 6” Mall. Situated near the up-and-coming University City, Zero 6 Mall has been dubbed as a mall for the “new generation.” Hence, it has plenty… Read more

Lots of motorists and commuters travel between Dubai and Sharjah everyday. Aside from going to work, they often see places to visit in Sharjah and vice-versa. As a result, the volume of traffic between the two emirates seems to be getting heavier, too! Authorities have decided to address the situation by constructing a new, nine-lane bridge… Read more

A number of world records have been made in the UAE this year, including the longest line of photographs as well as the largest flower installation. In fact, you will find the latter alongside new attractions at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Just recently, the country has set yet another world record: the largest human image of a… Read more

toronto bodybuilding sharjah

Residents in Sharjah’s Nasseriya, Maysaloon, and Al Sharq district who are looking for a fitness gym in the area, the Toronto Bodybuilding gym is a new fitness center might be a place that will interest you. This men’s gym is located at The Grand Avenue commercial complex in Al Qasimi Street and they just recently… Read more

Great news for Sharjah motorists! As part of their Golden Jubilee celebrations, Sharjah Police has announced a 50 percent discount on traffic fines incurred until October 18, payable until the end of the year. Meanwhile, black points accumulated until the same date shall be canceled. The announcement was made by the Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police,… Read more