Pakistani Taxi Driver in Dubai Speaks Fluent Tagalog

More than common phrases like “Mahal ko Kayo!” and “Kamusta Ka?”, it would be quite surprising to meet and hear another expat speak Tagalog fluently. A video of a Pakistani driver uploaded by Filipino blogger, Kieth Walter Ayuso, has made the rounds on Facebook which has, as of writing, gathered more than 1.2 Million views!

Meet Hussain, a Pakistani taxi driver in Dubai who not only converses well in Tagalog (he claims to have learned the language while talking to his OFW passengers over the past 10 years he’s been in Dubai) but he also mastered Filipino tongue twisters that could leave a regular Pinoy’s tongue entangled. He does not have a drop of Pinoy blood in him yet he has learned to speak and converse in our native tongue, Tagalog.

Watch: Dubai Taxi Cab Driver from Pakistan Speaks Fluent Filipino Language

He is also very current with terms like “Pak Ganern!” and talking about our Philippine President. “Kung may gawa kayong kalokohan, isusumbong kita kay Duterte ha...”

Here’s the video shared by Kieth:

Based on the video, Hussain knows A LOT of tidbits about Filipinos and our culture (including stereotypes). He can sing Pusong Bato and to top that, he even knows our President Duterte! Isn’t it amazing?

Now if you dare, try your luck in tackling these tongue twisters that Hussain breezed through on the video:

– Pitumput-pitong puting tupa
– Nakakapagpabagabag
– Pinitik-pitik ni Pakita ang pitaka ni Pakito.
– Minimikaniko ni Monico ang makina ng Minica ni Monica.

How did you do? Tongue tied in loops? 🙂

Thank you to Kieth for letting us share this great video! 🙂

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