UAE Adopts New Green Pass Protocol on Al Hosn App

Covid-19 restrictions for UAE ‘green pass’ holders have been eased thanks to a revised protocol authorized on Monday (June 7). The green pass on the contact tracing app Alhosn indicates vaccination status and the validity of the Covid PCR test.

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) approved the green pass protocol, which allows federal and municipal authorities to tailor the use of the Alhosn app to their own needs and procedures. The goal is to provide all citizens, residents, and visitors with a safe and healthy environment.

UAE Adopts New Green Pass Protocol on Al Hosn App
Credits: AlHosn

Al Hosn App Enforces New Green Pass Protocol for Tracking Vaccination Status

According to the protocol, a color-coding system has been upgraded to indicate users’ vaccination status and PCR test validity.

It divides people into six groups: fully vaccinated, second-dose receivers, first-dose recipients who are waiting for a second dosage appointment or who are running late for their second dosage appointment, those who are exempt from receiving the vaccine, and those who are not vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated: Residents who have gotten their second dosage at least 28 days prior or who are participating in immunization trials fall into this category. If the PCR test is negative, the Alhosn status will turn green for 30 days and the active icon (letter E or gold star) will appear for seven days.

Those who have received a second dose less than 28 days before: For 14 days after a negative PCR test, the Alhosn status will remain green.

Those who have received only the first dose: The Alhosn status will look green for seven days as a consequence of a PCR test for individuals waiting for their second dose appointment.

Those late for the second dose: A negative PCR test result will cause the Alhosn status to show green for three days for those who have received their first dose and are 48 days or more late for their second dose appointment.

Those exempted from taking vaccine: A negative PCR test result will cause the Alhosn status to look green for seven days for those who have vaccine exemption certificates as per permitted processes.

Unvaccinated: The Alhosn status will be green for three days after a PCR test result for unvaccinated residents who are not exempt from taking the vaccine.

For all categories, when the validity of the relevant PCR test expires, the Alhosn status for all categories will turn grey. When the test result is positive, the status will change to red, and the standard permitted procedures must be followed.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has approved the protocol for a green pass on the Alhosn app in order to ease restrictions and improve safe movement and tourism in the country and has given federal and local authorities the authority to decide how it will be used to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

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