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UPDATE: It’s official. Ramadan in the UAE will start on June 29, 2014. Fasting hours this year are expected to last for 15 hours and 15 minutes at the start of Ramadan and reach 14 hours and 55 minutes by the end of the month, the report said.


Some time during end of June 2014 will be the start of the Ramadan season in the UAE. This is a holy month and Muslims are observed to follow strict fasting from dawn to sunset.

To office workers, this feels like a holiday to since office hours will be shortened. To employees who work in Food and Beverage departments, they will have to open a little later when it’s already okay to eat. For me who works in retails inside a mall, it just means that I’ll come in late but I’ll still have to work the same number of hours. I also have to stop eating in public to respect the Islam tradition. So when will the Ramadan season start?

grand mosque abu dhabiGrand Mosque located in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Date of Ramadan & Eid Holiday Event – June 29, 2014 to August 2, 2014

According to this year’s calendar, the date of the Ramadan schedule will start from June 29 until August 2. However, it usually starts and ends depending on when the crescent moon will show, and lasts for about 30 days.

Guidelines Observed During the Religious Event

Dubai is an Open City, but we still have to respect the culture and religion. Don’t eat in front of the people because you will be fined if you do. It’s also disrespectful when you show that you’re eating when the rest of the population is fasting. Other than Not Eating, here are other Tips and Things to Note During Ramadan Season.

  • Dress in a conservative manner.
  • No engaging in sexual relations. – Mostly NO public displays of affection. Even touching the opposite sex can be considered disrespectful.
  • No drinking of liquids. – If you drink/eat, make sure it’s in a private room.
  • No food consumption until after Iftar or evening meal.
  • No smoking in public.
  • No loud noises/music/karaoke nights.

These are just some points to observe during Ramadan and it is wise if you practice these to avoid being reprimanded. Remember that we are still visitors in the UAE so we have to support what the Muslims do in this Muslim country.

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