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We’ve often shared success stories of fellow Pinoy workers in our OFW Interviews section. Today, however, we would like to feature a special group of youngsters — the Philippine delegation to the 9th Special Olympics MENA Regional Games in Abu Dhabi. Recently, the group arrived at the capital, where they were welcomed by Third Secretary &… Read More

dubai ofw in iceland

Residents of Dubai who have plans of visiting Iceland, here are some tips and information based on an experience shared by one of our Dubai OFW contributors when she travelled in this country for 10 days.  Travel Guide: My Iceland Adventure One of the countries that topped my bucket list is Iceland. Many of my… Read More

Wondering where to go this weekend? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we present a list of theme parks in the UAE that you should definitely visit with your family and friends! Each theme park features amazing facilities and exciting activities for people of all ages. These include giant water slides, movie-themed… Read More

Is it legally possible to take on a second job in the UAE? As a matter of fact, it is! Since 2010, the UAE Labour Law has allowed those who already have a full-time job to take on a part-time job, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their existing tasks and responsibilities. Moreover, the… Read More

Having set the world’s largest flower arrangement as well as the world’s largest environment sustainability lesson, it was only a matter of time before the UAE breaks another record. Just recently, the world’s largest aerial projection screen was featured in the Dubai night sky. The new Guinness World Record was made by one of the country’s leading… Read More

For today’s OFW interview, we are proud to present Dr. Niño Miranda Decenorio, Vice-President of Bath Spa University (BSU) UAE, an international campus of the British Public University in UK. Prior to this, he has held academic and administrative positions in various institutions. He has been living in the UAE for more than a decade now. Despite… Read More

sale grocery dubai

UAE residents can take advantage of a 50% sale on selected grocery items for a month from 20 March to 20 April 2018. According to a news report from Al Bayan, this is based on an initiative by the Ministry of Economy and in partnership with co-operative stores and other supermarket chains on the occasion of… Read More

The UAE prides itself for being a modern, progressive country with a diverse and multicultural population. That being said, it is still a Muslim country that follows Islamic laws, which prescribe specific guidelines for social etiquette, dress code, and public behaviour. If you are a first-time visitor in the UAE, there are certain things you should… Read More

how to cancel uae residence visa

The residence visa is issued to people who are working in the UAE. It is also issued to a family member or dependent, which a UAE resident has sponsored. The visa is valid for 2 to 3 years and may be renewed for as long as the resident is working in the country. But what happens… Read More

Are you currently searching for a new job in Dubai? Is your contract about to end or has it ended already? Either way, you have to address an extremely important and urgent matter: money. Like most (if not all) expats, you arrived in Dubai seeking a job that pays a good salary. However, when your… Read More

If you have always dreamed of seeing Pia Wurtzbach in person, now is your chance! The former Miss Universe will be at the Dubai Mall on March 14, from 6pm to 8pm. She will be there for a “meet and greet” session as a special guest of The Watch House. The Filipina beauty won everybody’s hearts… Read More

Previously, we have talked about rules for using social media in the UAE. Posting pictures of people without their permission, for instance, is a big no-no. Likewise, posting content that is offensive to Islamic morals and values could lead to a huge fine and several years in jail! Meanwhile, the National Media Council (NMC) recently announced… Read More

A few months ago, doll-maker Mattel created waves when it launched the “Hijab Barbie.” It was modelled after Ibtihaj Muhammad, a prize-winning fencer. She is known as the first American athlete who wore a hijab while competing at the Olympic games! Notably, Ibtihaj is just one among several women that stirred Mattel to create the… Read More

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