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My employer in Dubai told me that I needed to exit the United Arab Emirates in order for my visa to be processed. I will be doing my exit to Kish Island which is an island of Iran. In order to get an employment visa, I would need to get out of the country since the current visa I was holding then was not enough.

Airport to Airport Exit

They told me that an airport to airport exit would not be possible. I really have to exit and spend at least a few hours in Kish before I can head back to Dubai. The only worry I have is that the few hours will turn into days while they are still processing my visa.

exit to kish airlines
Kish Airlines flies to Kish Island from Dubai once daily

Negative Impressions of Kish Island

I’ve heard stories of different Pinoys who are stuck in the island while waiting for their employers to finalize their work permits. I’ve also heard negative stories of Kish and how it’s a difficult place to stay. Being a traveller, I don’t want to judge Kish without having been there. But I can’t help but feel agitated of the scenarios knowing I’m growing to be more comfortable of Dubai.

So once I get the go signal, I only need to book the next trip back to the UAE and by then I will have had a valid working visa. I will also start building and settling in in the Middle East. I hope everything goes well. It’s going to be a crazy time so I am planning to fix the whole visa run process a lot easier.

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