BAYANIHAN 2019 kicks off with ‘Panunuluyan sa POLO-OWWA’

Under the auspices of The Philippine Consulate General Dubai and Northern Emirates, to promote the spirit of Bayanihan – a notable value of Filipinos, the Bayanihan Festival 2019 Organizing Committee of Dubai and the Northern Emirates held series of humanitarian events, dubbed as “Panunuluyan”. The first leg of events had started at POLO-OWWA through a medical mission and gift-giving to approximately 300 distressed migrant workers last August 16 and 23, respectively.
Collaborating with Filipino medical practitioners and volunteers headed by Paolo,  “Pagkalinga” Medical Mission have provided general medical consultation.  A counseling session was also provided by church volunteers  to the wards to enrich their spirits with hopes and prayers.
“It was heart warming to see solid participation among the members of our community in this time of togetherness” Vice Chairman Jason Roi Bucton said.
A program of fun and games were headed by Dubai-based comedian Patricia Dumbo, entertainment with Alvin Pancito, Yemini-national Majnoon Alhababi and Pinoy magician Bong. Various Filipino organizations had given toiletries and other goods individually packed and distributed to all ward occupants.
“This is only the beginning of our humanitarian events, almost every week as we head towards December 13 – the date for the most-anticipated Bayanihan Festival 2019,” said Josie Conlu, Chairman of the organizing committee.