5 Best Media Companies to Apply for a Job in Dubai

Are you job hunting in Dubai? Have you ever dreamed of working for a Dubai-based media company and being the media professional you always wanted to be? You can now make that dream a reality since the city is bustling and continues to boom in the media sector, making it one of the best cities for journalism or communication professionals globally.

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If you’re someone who is new to the city and is trying their luck in the city but don’t know where to start, you can use this as a guide on where to apply.

1. Khaleej Times

If you’re looking to start your career in journalism in the city then you can try applying in The Khaleej Times especially if you’re someone who is still learning Arabic. It is an English-language daily newspaper from Dubai, UAE. Khaleej Times, the United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) oldest English-language daily newspaper, first appeared on April 16, 1978. Its one of the established media companies in the city that can help launch your media career.

Khaleej Times, the first and most widely read English-language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates, is published by Galadari Printing and Publishing Co. LLC. The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia all receive distribution. The City Times, WKND magazine, Indulge, Inspired Living, and other lifestyle periodicals, along with a number of specialist supplements, are just a few of GPP’s many widely read publications. It also distributes copies of the International New York Times and other local newspapers and magazines in the United Arab Emirates under license. Books, catalogs, brochures, tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, and magazines are all printed in state-of-the-art facilities by GPP, one of the leading commercial printing operations in the Middle East.

2. ITP Media Group

Magazine writers rejoice! With over 80 different brands under its umbrella, ITP Media Group (ITP) is a major player in the Middle Eastern media industry. Through digital, print, events, awards, video content, social media platforms, and social media influencers, the company provides high-quality, up-to-date content for its readers, viewers, delegates, and guests. Popular titles from Time Out, Arabian Business, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Construction Week, and Condé Nast Traveler are just a few examples of these brands’ international and regional prominence. Using a comprehensive strategy, ITP aims to provide its clients with access to the most numerous and engaged GCC-based consumers.

ITP Live is an umbrella brand that encompasses four distinct areas of operation: the region’s largest social influencers’ agency; video content creation (ITP Originals); electronic games (ITP Gaming); and live events. The ITP Customer division publishes a wide range of specialized publications for major retail and financial institutions, as well as the catalogues, previews, and daily show newspapers for all DWTC-organized exhibitions.

While ITP’s roots are in the United Kingdom, the company’s international reach necessitated a move to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where today the company employs more than 400 people. Ali Akawi, the company’s CEO, also oversees operations in Mumbai, London, and Los Angeles.

3. The Gulf News

The United Arab Emirates’ most widely read English-language publication is Gulf News, which is put out by Al Nisr Publishing LLC. It also operates gulfnews.com, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) most popular news website.

Besides academic journals, Al Nisr Publishing LLC also puts out a plethora of consumer lifestyle magazines in print and on the web. Wheels, InsideOut, Baby & Child, WatchTime, Citizen K Arabia, and the most widely read magazine in the UAE, Friday, are all examples.

When it comes to printing, our Commercial Printing department can handle any job, for any client. We focus on the printing of periodicals (including newspapers, magazines, directories, books, brochures, tabloids, leaflets, and flyers), but we also provide state-of-the-art, ground-breaking printing methods for a wide range of specialized tasks.

In addition to being the largest print media distribution network in the United Arab Emirates as a whole, GN Distribution is also one of the largest publication distribution companies in the Gulf region. When it comes to sales and distribution, the GN Distribution team has been crucial to the success of Gulf News and is the go-to for international and UAE-based third-party publications.

Getthat.com, a leading UAE marketplace for real estate, automobiles, employment opportunities, and personal ads of all kinds, is owned by Al Nisr Publishing LLC.

On September 30th, 1978, the first issue of the tabloid Gulf News was published. Distribution of Gulf News outside of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries began in 1986. On September 1st, 1996, the Gulf News debuted its first online edition.

4. Illustrado Magazine

Illustrado Magazine, which is run by founder Lalaine Chu-Benitez, is a Filipino-owned media company in the UAE. Through strategic planning, innovative content, and methodical implementation, they aid businesses in establishing and growing their brands. They act as an extension of the company’s marketing and creative departments, collaborating closely to address issues and advance the brand’s future growth objectives. We get involved early and help create new brands, which paves the way for solid growth and stronger communities.

With a corporate background in marketing and advertising, their management has over two decades of experience helping grow some of the world’s best brands in the region, 10 gold awards from the International Advertising Association, and hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, all of which benefits the businesses we back.

5. The Filipino Times (New Perspective Media)

You probably encountered The Filipino Times newspaper in metros or online while in the city. The Filipino Times is a comprehensive source of news, views, and information about the Filipino diaspora, serving both the OFW and their loved ones back home by providing a glimpse into the migrant worker’s experiences abroad.

The Filipino Times can find all the latest and greatest in news, entertainment, and business from the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, and the rest of the Gulf region. We want to be more than just a library of facts; we want to be a place where Filipinos can come together and be connected to the many resources and opportunities available to them in the Philippines, as well as a place where they can find reliable information written specifically for them.

The website is a hub for local news and information, serving as a warm welcome to newcomers and a forum for expat Filipinos to discuss their triumphs and misfortunes. It’s a place for people to come together and offer support to those in need or to rally around friends and neighbors who are experiencing hard times.