4-Year-Old Boy Dies after Being Trapped in Washing Machine

A four-year old boy has reportedly died after getting stuck and drowning inside an electric washing machine in a residence in Al Rawdha, Ajman as shared in a post by the Ajman Police via Instagram.

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According to a statement by Lt. Colonel Yahya Khalaf Al Matroushi, director of Al Humaidiya Police station, the boy was with his uncle and grandmother when the incident happened. The boy must have snuck inside the electric washer and slammed the door shut. In the process, hot water automatically flowed inside before the washing began, the preliminary investigation by the police revealed.

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وفاة طفل مواطن غرقا داخل غسالة في عجمان توفي طفل مواطن في الرابعة من عمره نتيجة غرقه في غسالة ملابس كهربائية في منطقة الروضة بعجمان. وأفاد المقدم يحيى خلف المطروشي مدير مركز شرطة الحميدية الشامل بشرطة عجمان بورود بلاغ إلى غرفه العمليات يفيد بوجود طفل متوفي داخل غسالة ملابس في منزله الكائن بمنطقة الروضة بعجمان، وعليه تحركت دوريه المركز وجميع الوحدات المختصه في الشرطة والنيابة العامة والطبيب الشرعي بعجمان، واتضح بأن الطفل المتوفي كان في المنزل مع خاله وجدته، وتوجه إلى موقع الغسيل ودخل في المكان المخصص لوضع الملابس في الغسالة مما أدي الي إغلاق باب الغسالة عليه ودورانها بشكل أوتوماتيكي بعد امتلائها بالماء الساخن، ما أثر بوفاته بسبب اختناقه وغرقه بداخلها، وعثرت عليه والدته عند عودتها للمنزل، ثم كسر خاله باب الغساله لإخراجه. ونوه المقدم يحيى خلف إلى أولياء الأمور بضرورة الاهتمام بالأطفال ومراقبتهم، وعدم تركهم بالقرب من المواقع الخطرة في المنزل، ووضع احتياطات الأمان والسلامة تجنبا للعواقب الوخيمة والإصابات والخسائر في الأرواح. وتتقدم القيادة العامة لشرطة عجمان ببالغ الأسى والعزاء لذوي الطفل المتوفي، راجين من الله العلي القدير أن يسكنه فسيح جناته ويلهم ذويه الصبر والسلوان. #شرطة_عجمان #وزارة_الداخلية #الشرطة_الاتحادية #الشرطة #حكومة_عجمان #الإمارات ‎‏#ajmanpolice #moiuae #uaepolice #moi #police #ajmangov #uaegov #uae 13/12/2018

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Child Dies After Getting Trapped Inside Washing Machine

When the child’s mother got back to pick him up from the villa, they found the boy inside the washer, but was already lifeless due to drowning and asphyxiation.

The child’s uncle smashed the washing machine’s door open to collect his nephew’s body.

The family informed the police of the incident later on.

Regarding the unfortunate event, Lt. Colonel Al Matroushi of the Al Humaidiya Police station gave an important piece of advice to parents and that is to be mindful and remain aware of the children’s activity and whereabouts even if they are just staying at home.

And while the automatic start of the machine seemed strange, the angle of murder or foul play has already been ruled out.

In time for the winter break across the UAE, it’s important that we keep our children safe, even as they are just staying in at home as accidents can happen anywhere in the most unexpected moments and places, just as what this news piece shares with us.

Here are some helpful tips to keep young children safe even inside the comfort of your own residence:

  • Always keep an active eye on the kids’ activities and whereabouts inside the house.
  • Never leave the kids alone, especially in a huge residence.
  • Secure locks on windows especially for rooms in upper-storeys to prevent the risk of falls from this.
  • Put away hot and dangerous chemicals away from the children’s reach.
  • Make sure that electrical cords and wires are safe and free from splinters, which could electrocute not only the child but anyone who may come into contact with it.
  • Always keep places such as the bathroom and laundry area closed where kids might slip or drown.
  • Make sure to give children food that they are able to chew and swallow easily.
  • Install safety equipment inside the house such as fire alarms, safety locks, and anti-slip mats and make sure that they are well-maintained and well-established.

Finally, preparation is most important in preventing worse case scenarios since we all know that accidents can happen even to the most cautious and careful individuals. With this in mind, it’s important that we keep important hotlines and contact numbers we can reach out to when there’s an emergency or if we need help.

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