Cost of Vehicle Registration, Driving License Fee Increases

If you need to register your car or apply for a driver’s license anytime soon, take note of the latest fees and charges. The beginning of this month (December 1) marked the implementation of a new federal decree, which includes the increase in costs of vehicle-related services.

Ministerial Decision No. 30 for 2017 was issued last October 4 by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The decree has now come into effect, following its publication in the Official Gazette.

A new decree entails the price increase of vehicle-related services.

New Fees for Vehicle Licensing, Testing, & Other Services

In order to help regulate traffic and safety on the road, the new decree unifies almost all vehicle-related services. This includes the revision of the following service fees:

  • Registration of a Light Vehicle – AED 400 (first time), AED 350 (renewal)
  • Technical Testing of a Light Vehicle – AED 150
  • Detailed Technical Testing of a Light Vehicle – AED 350
  • Theory Test for a Driver’s License – AED 200
  • Practical Test for a Driver’s License – AED 200
  • Medical Test for a Driver’s License – AED 200
  • One Year Driver’s License – AED 100
  • Opening a Traffic File – AED 200
Registering a light vehicle for the first time now costs AED 400.

Meanwhile, if you encounter any incidents on the road, this may involve:

  • Inspection Report for a Simple Accident – AED 500
  • Issuance of a Black Points Clearance Certificate – AED 100
  • Issuance of a Traffic Fines Clearance Certificate – AED 100
  • Issuance of a Traffic Conduct Certificate – AED 150
A practical test for a driver’s license now costs AED 200.

Traffic Rules and Fines
The decree goes hand in hand with the latest traffic rules and fines, which came into effect last July 1. The federal traffic law includes 17 articles that highlighted the raising of black points for serious offences, as well as the introduction of new violations.

Road safety and traffic regulation are extremely important.

The price increase of vehicle-related services means that we may have to spend more as car owners and motorists. However, we should keep in mind that this latest movie is necessary towards ensuring traffic regulation and road safety for all – drivers, commuters, and pedestrians, too.