Dubai Crash: 3 Workers Injured as SUV Rams Into Store

Three men in Dubai received minor injuries after an SUV suddenly crashed into the front store of the workplace after the driver had reportedly lost control of the vehicle according to the police on Monday.

According to Brigadier Ahmed Thani bin Galita, Director of the Al Raffa Police Station, the unidentified driver had lost control of the vehicle when he attempted to switch lanes on the road.

3 Workers Injured as SUV Crashes Into Dubai Store

However, instead of hitting the breaks, the driver reportedly stepped on the gas, causing the vehicle to climb towards the sidewalk and smash the storefront, shattering the glass windows.

In the photos shared by the Dubai police on social media, the SUV can be seen to have rammed into the front of the store, leaving the glass window in shambles.

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Workers who were in the store at the time of the accident had to be treated for minor injuries. Legal action will be taken against the driver, the police said.

In line with this, Brig Ghalita urged drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times, especially when turning from one road to another.

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Three injured after Car crashes into a shop in Dubai
Three people sustained minor injuries when a vehicle crashed into a shop in Al Raffa area last week.
According to Brigadier Ahmed Thani bin Ghalita, Director of Al-Raffa Police Station, the accident happened when a motorist lost the control of their SUV and drove onto the sidewalk before continuing into a shop in the Dubai neighbourhood.
Brig. Bin Ghalita explained that the accident occurred when the driver attempted to get from one bystreet to anther in the Al-Raffa Police jurisdiction. “The driver tried to slow down and observe the traffic pedestrian movements. However, they mistakenly pressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake and smashed into the front glass facade of the shop and hit three employees inside the shop,” Brig. Bin Ghalita said.
He pointed out that the injured received the necessary medical treatment on-site, while legal procedures were taken against the driver.
Brig. Bin Ghalita warned against improper overtaking, sudden swerving and distraction while driving. He advised members of the public to adhere to the legal speed limits and to keep a safe distance between vehicles.