How to Get Electronic Version of Emirates ID

If you find yourself grappling with the pains of manual paperwork, long wait times, and the hassle of carrying a physical ID card, fret not, as there’s a brighter, more accessible path to unlock your Emirates ID potential – the electronic version of Emirates ID, offering you a more seamless and tech-savvy way to validate your identity and access services, all from the palm of your hand.

Embracing the digital age shouldn’t be a struggle, and with the electronic version of your Emirates ID, you can revolutionize the way you verify your identity, simplify administrative processes, and embark on a more efficient journey through the modern landscape of the UAE. If you’re interested in learning how to acquire yours today, read on.

How to Get Electronic Version of Emirates ID

The Emirates ID, issued by the ICA (Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship), is an obligatory card for both citizens and residents of the UAE.

It is imperative for individuals to carry this physical identification card with them at all times.

However, in a recent development, the National Identity Institute has introduced a novel digital/electronic version of the Emirates ID, which is now available to applicants while they await their physical cards.

Emirates ID – What Is It?

The Emirates ID stands as the primary resident card and identification document for both UAE residents and citizens, forming an integral part of the national database that houses crucial information about individuals.

This card is a mandatory possession, required to be carried at all times by residents.

Overseeing the issuance of this vital identification is the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA), the government body responsible for managing the process.

At its core, the Emirates ID boasts an advanced electronic chip that securely stores essential resident data, including fingerprints or biometric information, fundamental details, and the cardholder’s photograph.

This electronic marvel proves its versatility, enabling residents to utilize the card for an array of transactions, ranging from settling fines, and registering vehicles, to paying phone and internet bills.

The future holds even greater promise for the Emirates ID, as the UAE government envisions the card replacing both the residents’ driving licenses and debit cards, streamlining their everyday interactions and enhancing efficiency.

A testament to its significance, the Emirates identification card has already replaced health insurance cards back in 2016, cementing its role as an essential and progressive tool in the realm of identification and daily life in the UAE.

3 Steps to Getting Your Electronic Emirates ID (Digital Emirates ID)

In early August of 2021, the UAE government introduced an upgraded and advanced version of the Emirates ID, bringing forth enhanced security features and added convenience for UAE residents and citizens.

This new generation of ID cards boasts several improvements, including the inclusion of the holder’s date of birth, fortified protection for ‘non-visible information,’ a 3D picture, and an extended validity period of 10 years.

Furthermore, the updated Emirates ID will now incorporate additional data, such as employment information.

To streamline the issuance process, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has already commenced the distribution of the new Emirates ID cards.

However, if you prefer to avoid the physical card and opt for a more digital approach, you can access the electronic version of your Emirates ID through the ICA smart app, available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms.

This electronic version holds the same validity and recognition as its physical counterpart, enabling you to utilize it for all government services and interactions.

The ICA has worked collaboratively with various businesses, service providers, and relevant authorities to ensure a seamless transition to the new generation of Emirates ID cards.

This means that a wide range of services and transactions can now be conducted based on the electronic version of the ID.

To obtain your new electronic identification card, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the ICA Smart App:

  • Head to the app store on your iOS or Android device and search for the “ICA Smart App.” Download and install the app for free.

2. Generate Your Electronic Card

  • Once the app is installed, open it and navigate to the “Document Wallet” section.
  • Locate the option to “Scan QR Code” and follow the instructions to scan the QR code provided with your new Emirates ID.
  • The app will automatically generate your electronic card, complete with all relevant information.

3. Utilize the E-Version for All UAE Services

  • Congratulations! With your electronic Emirates ID now available on the ICA Smart App, you can utilize it for all UAE government services and interactions.
  • Present your electronic ID as required for official purposes, confident in the knowledge that it holds the same legal validity as the physical card.

By following these three straightforward steps, you can easily obtain and utilize the new generation of Emirates ID.

Embrace the convenience, enhanced security, and extended validity period, as you navigate through various government services and transactions using the electronic version of your identification card.

Remember to keep your physical Emirates ID card safe, as it remains an essential document for certain situations, but enjoy the seamless access and efficiency the electronic version offers through the ICA Smart App.

Is there a fee to get the digital version of my Emirates ID?

The electronic iteration of the Emirates ID can be accessed without charge via the Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship website, as well as on Android and iOS platforms, offering widespread accessibility to users.

Is the e-version of the Emirates ID widely recognized in the UAE?

The recently introduced electronic version of the Emirates ID in Dubai and the UAE holds the same validity as the physical card, making it universally acceptable for all institutions and government-related services.

Obtaining the e-version is a straightforward process and is accessible free of charge on any device.

The Emirates ID carries significant importance for both UAE citizens and residents, offering a range of benefits.

By checking the status of your card application online, you can stay informed about its progress.

The advantages of possessing an Emirates ID are numerous, including the ability to open a bank account, apply for a Dubai driver’s license, and secure a home internet package, among other privileges.

How to acquire an Emirates ID card?

The process of obtaining an Emirates ID card, whether you are a UAE national, a GCC national, or an ex-pat, has been designed to be simple and user-friendly. The government aims to encourage more individuals to apply for this essential identification, contributing to the vision of an innovative future in Dubai and across the UAE.

  1. Application:
  2. Individual Application: To begin the application process, you must fill out the Emirates ID application form. This can be done either at an approved typing office or conveniently online.
  3. Corporate Application: For ex-pats sponsored by companies (excluding GCC nationals), their sponsoring companies can apply on their behalf.
  4. Visit the EIDA Office
  • Once the application form is submitted, you will receive an SMS on your phone.
  • This message will specify the appointed date, time, and EIDA branch that you must visit.
  • At the EIDA office, standard information such as photographs and fingerprints will be collected, and upon completion, you will receive a receipt that you must keep to collect your Emirates ID when it is ready.
  1. Required Documents

For UAE Nationals:

  • Family book
  • Valid passport
  • Emirates ID application form

For UAE Residents:

  • Passport
  • Work permit or visa
  • Emirates ID application form
  1. Fee

The Emirates ID card carries an annual fee of AED 100.

  1. Tracking

Applicants can track the progress of their application on EIDA’s website by using the assigned account number.

  1. Delivery and Collection
  • Upon approval, the EIDA will send your Emirates ID card to your local post office.
  • Additionally, the EIDA will send an SMS to your phone notifying you of the card’s readiness.
  • It is crucial to collect your Emirates ID within a 90-day period; otherwise, it will be discarded by the EIDA.
  1. Renewal
  • When your Emirates ID card approaches its expiration date, you must follow the same process again for renewal.
  • By adhering to this straightforward guide, individuals can easily obtain their Emirates ID cards, ensuring compliance with essential identification requirements and unlocking a world of possibilities in Dubai and the UAE.
  • Embrace the future of convenience and efficiency with your Emirates ID!

Things to know about the Emirates ID

1. Always Carry Your Emirates ID Card

  • It is essential for all UAE residents and citizens to carry their Emirates ID card at all times.
  • This is a mandatory requirement, and failure to do so can lead to legal complications.
  • Make it a habit to keep your identification card with you whenever you step out to avoid any potential issues.

2. Lost Identification Card

  • In the unfortunate event of losing your Emirates ID card, it is crucial to act promptly.
  • Since carrying the card is mandatory, losing it can leave you vulnerable and may result in inconvenience.
  • To replace your lost card, visit the relevant authorities as soon as possible to initiate the replacement process and avoid any complications.

3. Notify EIDA about Name Change

  • If you experience a name change due to marriage or any other reason, it is essential to notify the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) promptly.
  • Keeping your identification records updated is crucial for legal and administrative purposes.
  • Ensure you follow the necessary procedures to change your name on the Emirates ID and other relevant documents.

4. Emirate ID for Children

  • All Dubai and UAE citizens, including newborns and children, must possess a valid Emirates ID.
  • As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to apply for an Emirates ID for your children at the earliest opportunity to ensure they are correctly registered and have access to essential services and benefits.

5. Rectifying Wrong Details

  • If you come across any inaccuracies in the information printed on your Emirates ID card, it is essential to take immediate action to correct the details.
  • Visit an EIDA office to rectify any errors and ensure that your identification information is accurate and up-to-date.

Remember, your Emirates ID is a critical document that not only serves as a means of identification but also grants you access to various government services and facilities. By following the guidelines in this comprehensive guide, you can manage your Emirates ID efficiently and avoid potential hassles or complications in the future. Stay compliant, updated, and ensure your identification journey in Dubai and the UAE is smooth and hassle-free.

Guide to Renewing Your Emirates ID

Your Emirates ID card comes with an expiration date, which corresponds to the validity period of the card.

As a responsible UAE resident or citizen, it is crucial to renew your ID within the designated timeframe to avoid penalties and ensure seamless access to essential services.

1. Expiration Date and Renewal Timeline

All UAE residents and citizens have one month from their Emirates ID expiration date to initiate the renewal process. It is advisable to begin the renewal procedure promptly to avoid any potential delays or fines. UAE nationals are typically requested to renew their ID cards 30 days before the expiration date. On the other hand, ex-pats can only apply for renewal once their ID card has expired.

2. Penalties for Late Renewal

Failure to renew your Emirates ID within the one-month grace period can result in fines. A daily fine of 20 AED will be imposed, and this penalty can accumulate up to a maximum of 1,000 AED. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is essential to adhere to the renewal timeline diligently.

3. Renewal Process

The process of renewing your Emirates ID is similar to the initial application process. ID holders have two options to renew: online or through any of the approved typing centers.

  • Online Renewal: For a hassle-free experience, you can choose to renew your Emirates ID online. Visit the official website of the Federal Authority for Identify and Citizenship (ICA) and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your renewal application.
  • Typing Centers: Alternatively, you can opt to renew your Emirates ID in person at any of the authorized typing centers. These centers provide assistance in filling out the necessary forms and ensure a smooth renewal process.
  1. Renewal Rates:

The renewal fees for the Emirates ID depend on the chosen validity period. Here are the rates:

  • 1 Year: 290 AED
  • 2 Year: 390 AED
  • 3 Year: 490 AED

By promptly renewing your Emirates ID before its expiration date, you ensure uninterrupted access to government services and facilities. Don’t let fines accumulate needlessly; follow this guide to stay compliant and continue enjoying all the benefits the UAE has to offer with your renewed Emirates ID.

What Documents are Required?

When renewing your Emirates identification card, the necessary documents remain identical to those required during the initial application process.

The only additional requirement for the renewal is to submit your old Emirates ID card.

This renewal process applies to all UAE citizens, residents, and GCC residents.

For expats, instead of presenting their entry permit, they must provide their residency visa while applying for the renewal of the Emirates ID.

What to Do if I Lost My Emirates ID Card

Losing or having your Emirates ID stolen can be a stressful experience, but the UAE government provides clear guidance on what steps to take if you find yourself in such a situation. By following these basic procedures, you can swiftly address the issue and obtain a replacement card.

1. Report the Loss or Theft:

The first crucial step is to report the loss or theft of your Emirates ID. Immediately inform the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) about the incident. Your identification card will be promptly deactivated to prevent any misuse.

2. Lost Card Outside the Country:

If you lost your Emirates ID card while traveling outside the UAE, it’s essential to inform the UAE embassy in the respective country. This will help ensure that the necessary measures are taken to safeguard your identity.

3. Apply for a Replacement Card:

After reporting the loss or theft, the next step is to apply for a replacement Emirates ID card. You can do this by visiting the designated authorities and following the application process as outlined previously.

4. Payment of Fees:

To proceed with the replacement, the cardholder must settle all the necessary fees associated with obtaining a new Emirates ID card.

5. Fast Processing:

The EIDA aims to expedite the process of issuing replacement cards. In most cases, you can expect to receive your new Emirates ID within two days after completing the required formalities.

By adhering to these steps, you can swiftly resolve the situation and obtain a replacement Emirates ID, ensuring the continuity of essential identification and enabling you to resume your daily activities in Dubai and the UAE without any interruption. Remember to report any loss or theft immediately to minimize potential risks and safeguard your identity and personal information.

Video: Emirates ID in the UAE: What you should know

The Emirates ID is an essential identification card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This card serves as a comprehensive means of identification for both UAE nationals and residents, including expatriates. It plays a pivotal role in various official and government-related processes and transactions.

The background and processing of the Emirates ID will be further explored, shedding light on its significance and the convenience it brings to the lives of individuals in the UAE.

From opening bank accounts to applying for licenses and availing of government services, the card boasts versatile purposes and benefits that streamline administrative tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the electronic version of the Emirates ID?

The electronic version of the Emirates ID is a digital representation of the physical Emirates ID card. It is designed to provide a convenient and secure means of carrying your identification digitally on your smartphone or other electronic devices.

2. How can I obtain the electronic Emirates ID?

To obtain the electronic Emirates ID, you can download the ICA UAE SMART app from the App Store or Play Store. Log in using your UAE Pass or create a personal account. Once logged in, select the Emirates ID option, and you’ll be able to view your electronic ID card.

3. Is the electronic Emirates ID valid for all purposes?

Yes, the electronic Emirates ID holds the same validity as the physical card. It can be used for all official and government-related services that require your identification, making it a versatile and widely accepted form of identification.

4. Can I use the electronic Emirates ID at airport security and immigration checkpoints?

Yes, the electronic Emirates ID is accepted at airport security and immigration checkpoints within the UAE. Simply present your electronic ID card on your smartphone or device when required.

5. Are there any fees associated with obtaining the electronic Emirates ID?

No, obtaining the electronic Emirates ID is free of charge. Once you have the ICA UAE SMART app installed, you can view your electronic ID without any additional cost.

6. Can I use the electronic Emirates ID for travel outside the UAE?

The electronic Emirates ID is primarily intended for use within the UAE. For international travel, you will still need to carry your physical passport as the primary form of identification.

7. How secure is the electronic Emirates ID?

The electronic Emirates ID is highly secure, utilizing advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your personal information. Additionally, access to the app is secured by UAE Pass or a personal account, ensuring only authorized users can view the electronic ID.

8. What should I do if I lose my smartphone or device with the electronic Emirates ID?

If you lose your device, it is essential to report the loss to the relevant authorities immediately. You can also remotely deactivate the electronic ID access on the ICA UAE SMART app through the official channels. It is recommended to keep your smartphone or device secure with a password or biometric lock to prevent unauthorized access to your electronic Emirates ID.


In conclusion, the electronic version of the Emirates ID presents a compelling solution for individuals seeking a more streamlined and efficient identification process in the UAE.

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With its user-friendly approach and accessibility through the ICA UAE SMART app, this digital ID offers a bright and promising future, replacing the burdensome manual paperwork and long wait times associated with the physical card.

By embracing the digital age, you can now verify your identity with ease, simplify administrative tasks, and access a myriad of services at your fingertips.

The electronic Emirates ID paves the way for a tech-savvy and innovative journey through the modern landscape of the UAE, making it a valuable addition to your everyday life.

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