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8 Extreme and Thrilling Rides at the Carnaval in Global Village

Did you know that in Dubai’s Global Village, there’s a fun fair offering exciting attractions, including “extreme” rides? That’s right! There’s an area or zone there called the Carnaval! We visited this carnival theme park area and was surprised that they have so many scary and thrilling rides.

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Aside from featuring 25 pavilions that represent 75 countries, the Global Village includes a Carnaval featuring rides, activities, and “experiences” for the whole family. This post takes a closer look at the area’s Thrill Rides, which are definitely not for the faint of heart!

Check out the video below to get an idea of the extreme and scary rides during our visit at the Global Village:

Scary Rides at Global Village – Face Your Fears at the Carnaval’s Extreme Rides

What’s great about the rides in Global Village is that you don’t have to pay a ‘daily theme park fee’ as the rides are paid on a ‘per ride’ basis. Meaning, you don’t have to spend a huge entrance ticket amount and try all the rides in the carnival. If you just want to try one ride, you can just pay for that specific ride. This saves a lot of costs especially for families.

Some of the top extreme rides are surely not for the faint of heart. So if you (and your friends/family) are up for it, you will have an adventurous time during your visit. A giant slingshot, a drop tower, a roller coaster… here’s what you can expect from the Carnaval’s most extreme and thrilling rides:

#1 – Athens Slingshot

Remember those slingshot games you played when you were a kid, to see which one could throw a stone the farthest? In the Athens Slinghot — you are the “stone” — and the idea is to be catapulted into the sky at intense speeds! You have to be at least 1.4 metres high to take this ride, which can accommodate up to two guests at a time.

athens sling shot global village
Athens Sling Shot
Image Credit: carnaval.ae

#2 – Fly France

If you are at least 1.25 metres high and fall within a maximum chest restriction of 129.5 centimetres, then you can take this ride. Bring out the pilot in you as Fly France literally gives you “wings!”

fly france global village carnaval
Fly France
Image Credit: carnaval.ae

#3 – Global Burj

Are you ready for the tallest drop tower ride in the region? With a height of 85 metres, the Global Burj offers the ultimate adrenaline rush… a free fall experience for all thrill seekers! The ride can seat up to 24 guests at a time, but you have to be at least 1.4 metres high and fall within a maximum chest restriction of 129.5 centimetres.

carnaval at global village
Global Burj. Image: carnaval.ae

#4 – Honolo-loop

Imagine reaching a height of 63 metres while taking 360 degree turns until you reach the top? This is what the Honolo-loop, a signature classic ride, has to offer! It can accommodate up to 20 guests at a time, though they have to be at least 1.4 metres in height.

Honolo-loop extreme ride caranaval global village

extreme rides carnaval global village
Image Credit: carnaval.ae

#5 – Jamaica Drum

If you are at least 1.3 metres high and you don’t mind falling, spinning, and going upside down — all in one ride — then head to Jamaica Drum, which can seat up to 24 guests at a time!

jamaica drum carnaval global village

jamaica drum ride carnaval dubai
Jamaica Drum
Image Credit: carnaval.ae

#6 – London Loop

As the name suggests, this is a roller coaster ride for guests of all ages (and at least 1.25 metres high). The London Loop can accommodate up to 20 guests at a time.

london loop carnaval global village dubai
London Loop
Image Credit: carnaval.ae

#7 – Moscow Max

The Moscow Max is a pendulum-style ride that basically swings from side to side and your seat also rotates and revolves! Sounds easy, right? But when you’re up there swinging almost vertically and hanging on to your seat, don’t forget to scream your heart out!

Here’s a full video of the Moscow Max air ride:

moscow max extreme ride global village

#8 – Shang High

Reaching 85 metres high, Shang High is one of the tallest rides in the region. If you are at least 1.2 metres in height, consider taking this ride, which can seat up to 32 guests at a time.

shang hai ride carnaval global village

shang hai carnaval dubai
Shang Hai ride
Image Credit: carnaval.ae

For more information about the Carnaval, including its extreme rides, you can visit https://carnaval.ae/ or call +971 4 362 4114. Take note that this season of Global Village runs from 29th October 2019 to 4th April 2020.

carnaval global village view from ferris wheel dubai

The Carnaval is such a nice place to visit. Global Village has outdone itself as a proven go-to destination for families as every year, it is flocked by millions of visitors.

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If you’re an experienced thrill seeker, or a novice rider seeking to overcome your fears, you can start by going on the Carnaval’s extreme rides! To reach the destination via public transport, we recommend that you read about the cheapest way to Global Village.

Contact Information

Carnaval at Dubai Global Village
Address: Dubai Global Village
Telephone Number: +971 4 362 4114
Website: https://carnaval.ae/

Google Map Location

Below is a location map to guide you in getting to the Carnaval in Global Vilalge.

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