Filipinos Travelling to UAE: Beware of Using Fake Documents, Close to 2000 Pinoys Off-Loaded

Filipinos travelling to UAE, beware of using forged or fake documents. In 2015, close to 2000 Pinoys were off-loaded due to this scenario.

The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai has posted a press release where Filipinos use ‘spurious papers’ and were endorsed for a second screening because of possessing questionable documents such Affidavits of Support and Guarantee (ASG) and DFA-issused Official Receiptrs (ORs).

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There’s a list of 25 travel agencies where agents allegedly issued spurious ASGs to Pinoys who have tried to sponsor family members but were then off-loaded by the Bureau of Immigration. These agencies have been forward to Dubai Police for investigation.

Below is a transcript of the said announcement from PCG Dubai.

PH Bureau of Immigration Nets 1,921 Filipinos with Spurious Papers

2015 tally represents 146% increase vs 2014 figure

01 August 2016, Dubai, UAE. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration provided the Consulate General in Dubai its latest report on Filipinos passengers bound for UAE who were endorsed for secondary screening following possession of questionable documents such as Affidavits of Support and Guarantee (ASG) and DFA-issued Official Receipts (ORs).

In 2015 alone, a total of 1,921 passengers were endorsed for secondary screening at the major international airports such as NAIA 1-3, Cebu and Clark International Airports. Most of these passengers were later off loaded upon verification of their ASGs and ORs.

In 2014, there were 780 passengers who were screened and found to be in possession of spurious documents by the BI.

The Consulate has listed close to 25 predominantly Dubai-based travel agencies whose agents have reportedly issued spurious ASGs to Filipinos who tried to sponsor family members who were later off loaded by the BI.

As part of its commitment on the campaign against human trafficking, the Consulate provides the BI a list of ASG applications filed by legitimate sponsors and coordinates with the Dubai Police regarding investigation of erring travel agencies.

Source: PCG Dubai August 1 Press Release

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