200 AED Fine When Using Mobile Phone While Driving

A reminder to all drivers to please stop using your mobile phones while driving. There is a corresponding fine of 200 AED for this offense plus 4 black traffic points. Texting, calling, browsing, taking a selfie, etc. are all filed under using your mobile device and would constitute the same fine.

But more than the 200 Dirham Fine and the 4 black points, you are risking your safety and the lives of your passengers if you do not keep your eyes on the road and concentrate on your driving.

Please Don’t Use Your Mobile Phone While Driving

The Dubai Police posted this friendly reminder on their official Facebook page. Just to make sure every resident is aware and cautious of this road rule. UAE authorities have been promoting traffic awareness to all residents to instill the habit of driving responsibly to avoid accidents.

Violation: Using Hand-held mobile phone while driving
Fines: 200 AED Fine and 4 Black Points on Driving License

Aside from drivers, a reminder to all passengers: If you notice your designated driver using their mobile phones, kindly remind them about the danger it brings.

Using your phone while driving is an offense and you will be fined 200 Dirhams plus 4 black points. You are also risking your life and the lives of your passengers. So please stay safe everyone!

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