Starting to Get Hot in Dubai

The weather has started to get hot and whenever I go out of the flat to head to work, I no longer wear a jacket. Even at night, the temperature is getting warmer and I can feel the Dubai summer this 2014 fast approaching!

desert dubai

UAE Summer Season 2014

I’ve been here in Dubai for more than a year and this will be my second time to experience the summer season. I’m not too excited about it as I know it can get extremely hot. It’s good that I don’t have to walk far in order to find the next bus stop on my way to the mall. I also hope I’ll be able to make full use of the allocated bus waiting stations wherein there will be air conditioning inside.

I know plenty of people will be out at night since it’s more bearable. Otherwise, during the day, everybody will be inside the malls which is the top recreational area when it’s summer.

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