OFW Interview with Aprilyn – Retail Make-up Artist & Beauty Consultant in UAE

Our next interview is with Aprilyn who has been living in the UAE for 1 year and 10 months. She used to work as a beauty consultant in the Philippines. Now, she is working for one of the well-known companies in the UAE, handling top luxury makeup brands.

Happily married, she and her husband are working hard in order to send money back home for their son and family. Like many Pinoy parents, she shares her struggles in being far away from her child. This is a common situation for Pinoys abroad, where couples tend to leave their child/children back in the Philippines where families and relatives take care of them. Mostly the main reason for having to leave the child back home is due to budget and costs of raising a child abroad.

I’m sure a lot of OFWs can relate to Aprilyn’s situation. That’s why she’s and her husband makes it a point for their child and family to visit them in Dubai every year. Check out the rest of our interview feature below.

Filipina in Abu Emirates

OFW Profile: Pinay Beauty Consultant in Abu Dhabi

OFW Profile: Retail Makeup Artist/Beauty Consultant
Name: Aprilyn
Education: Tourism Management
How long in Dubai: 1 year and 10 months

1.) Tell me about yourself. Brief Introduction

I’m Aprilyn Sumampong, 31 years old, happily married, and I have one son.

I’m a Retail Makeup Artist/Beauty Consultant in a well-known company for Luxury Brands of Makeup.

I graduated Tourism Management at Philippine Women’s University and I’ve been in Dubai for 1 year and 10 months.

2.) Why did you come to Dubai?

To pursue my dreams, I came here with full of hopes that I will find a good job and get better opportunities to earn enough money and to support my family.

Pinoy Family - UAE

3.) What were your previous jobs?

In the Philippines, I was a beauty advisor in a Korean-based skin care and makeup and a retail makeup artist in a luxury brand of makeup.

In Dubai, my first job was a beauty consultant in an environment friendly skin care, body care and makeup line located in Dubai Mall.

4.) How do you find your current job? Are you happy/satisfied with it?

The competition now in applying for work is really very hard. But through patience, hardwork and prayers, I found my second job and I’m very happy, satisfied and contented to be part of one of the well known companies. Now, I’m handling 2 top brands for luxury makeup here in UAE. Being a make up artist is always a fulfilling job for me.

Filipina OFW in Abu Dhabi

5.) Are you able to save in Dubai? Why/How?

Yes, I am able to save. Me and my husband are doing our best to save and we have this habit of making list on how much only we have to spend for food, rent, etc. We also need to give for our son and family in the Philippines and other expenses. Tracking our salary and putting in a list helps us monitor our expenses and at least save for our future business plans.

6.) Is it difficult to live in Dubai? What are your struggles? What’s life like outside work?

Being a mother and being far away from my son is really a struggle cause I am not able to be there by his side while he is growing up. I am thankful to my mom who’s taking good care of him and raising him well.

My struggle at work was to adapt the attitudes and differences of my colleagues, especially because we are all in different nationalities. But now I’m used to it. I can deal with any other nationalities.

Outside work and during my rest days, I usually go to other places here in UAE to explore and enjoy.

7.) What do you Like about Dubai?

Tax free salary, security on the people living here, nice amenities and tourist spots, huge malls and restaurants

8.) What do you NOT Like about Dubai?

It’s the weather, during summer temperature goes really high that you would not even wanting or thinking of going out, sandstorm is also another thing.

Pinay - OFW Abu Dhabi

9.) What are your plans in your career/family/future?

In my career I can see that soon I will be in a higher position than what I am now so I need to be more focused on my work.

With my family, I want them to come here in Dubai again for visit next year, although they visited last March, I want them to come and visit here every year to enjoy and have fun.

For my future, I want to put up an apartment business and we are now working on it.

10.) You have any tips for Kabayans when working/finding work/living in Dubai?

To my kababayans out there if you want to come here in UAE for work, you need to work for it and keep on trying. Even if sometimes there are companies that reject you, don’t lose hope and have faith, pray. Just keep believing  on that you can make it to the top.


*Photos provided by Aprilyn.

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