RIP: Dubai Jetman, Vince Reffet, Dies in Tragic Accident

Tragic news, Vince Reffet, one of the team behind Jetman Dubai, passed away in an accident while training in Dubai. According to reports, authorities are still investigating the incident located at the Jetman base in the desert.

Reffet was a professional skydiver, red bull athlete, XDubai athlete, BASE jumper, and jetman pilot. He was a pioneer of groundbreaking stunts such as base jumping from the Burj Khalifa, using jetpacks alongside an Emirates A380 plane. His videos have gone viral and has helped in the promotion of Dubai as an adventure hub for adrenaline and adventure enthusiasts.

vince reffet die dubai
Image: XDubai

Vince Ferret, French Jetman Pilot, Killed in Tragic Accident

In a post shared by Jetman Dubai and XDubai on Facebook, they announced that French Jetman pilot, 36, died in the morning of Novemner 17.

” It is with unimaginable sadness that we announce the passing of Jetman Pilot, Vincent (Vince) Reffet, who died this morning, 17 November during training in Dubai.
Vince was a talented athlete, and a much-loved and respected member of our team. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all those who knew and worked with him.

We are working closely with all relevant authorities and ask that you please keep Vince’s family in your thoughts and prayers.”
– Jetman Dubai


His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai, is an avid adventure-seeker himself. He paid tribute to Vince on his Instagram Stories account and said “We will miss you”. Below are some of the pictures Sheikh Hamdan posted:

vince reffet dubai jetman accident
Image: Instagram – @faz3
jetman dubai sheikh hamdan tribute vince reffet
Image: Instagram – @faz3

Below are some of the amazing stunts Vince Reffet has performed in Dubai:

It is sad to hear of tragic incidents like this to take place. He was just 36 years old and he made a lot of contributions in the field of extreme adventures. As of the moment, the team behind XDubai and Jetman Dubai are investigating the incident.