RIP: 5 Dead in Massive Collision in Abu Dhabi

Five people have died in a massive vehicular accident that took place in the Asab area of Al Dhafra on Tuesday morning according to the Abu Dhabi Police.

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It was revealed that the bodies of a UAE national, an Arab woman, and three Asians have been recovered at the site of the accident. An Emirati man was also wounded during the incident and was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

5 Dead in Massive Collision in Abu Dhabi
Credits: Abu Dhabi Police / Twitter

5 Dead, 1 Injured in Abu Dhabi Crash

Ambulances, the Civil Defence and specialised police patrols rushed to the scene immediately and dealt with the accident quickly, as soon as the Al Dhafra Traffic Department at the Central Operations Division of Abu Dhabi Police received a report about the accident, Gulf Today reported.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the accident happened when a vehicle blindly entered the road, resulting in a collision with another vehicle.

In effect, the collision resulted in the two vehicles catching fire, according to investigation reports.

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to adhere to safe driving, pay attention at the crossroads, and not enter a road without ensuring that it is clear. They should also adhere to the prescribed speed, exercise caution, and stop driving when feeling tired to avoid traffic accidents.

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