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I only have one more day left before I’m back to the shop. It’s already been 30 days since my vacation leave started and I’m feeling refreshed to head to the mall to work for another year.

Back to Working in the Mall

I’ve only a year left to finish before my end of contract and it feels good to have made it this far! In the beginning, I had difficulty adjusting to the new lifestyle of working 6 days a week and doing the same spiels to different customers over and over. Although every client is different, and even if I do my best to try not to repeat the scripts, I can’t help but feel that my work has become repetitive. I hope to have more growth in the  company, but I’m not expecting too much less I become disappointed.

back to Dubaivacation is over, back to work

Positive Mindset

Still I’m looking things in a positive light that someday, I’ll be able to reach higher goals and have higher rewards. I know my capabilities and they’re not yet used to their full potential. Right now, I’m just maximizing the things that are presented to me and I’ll just do my work as proper as always.

Instead of thinking that my 30-day break is over, it’s time to think that I only have 11 months more and I’ll have more than the experience I need in Dubai to show that I’ve stayed here long enough and have a excel in whatever field I’ll be placed. To another year I say!

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