During a Phone Screen Interview

I was searching for jobs in Dubai online when I chanced upon an Immediate Hiring notice for Telemarketers posted on Facebook. This was a Freezone company which means that the company has a set of rules different from the UAE Labour Law. This was also a good opportunity for me since my job is under a Limited Contract status – I’m only allowed to switch companies in Dubai if my next employer is in the Freezone Listing or a Government.

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Similar Experience

I used to work in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in the Philippines and I stayed with the company for almost 6 years. My employment profile is aligned with the position of the Telemarketer role. I was hoping that they would give a chance for a one-on-one interview for the post.

When they called my mobile number, they asked a few questions about my background. When it came to the topic of my current employment, I told them I am still under a contract under a Limited status.

Looking for Better Job Opportunities in Dubai

dubai job phone interview

I explained my side that I was looking for better opportunities, but I was cut short when the HR personnel said that they do not accept anybody who is still tied to a labor contract. Here’s our conversation:

HR: “Sorry sir, but you will be banned if you transfer to a different company.”
Me: “But this is a Freezone company, right? This means that I can work for your company if you see me fit for the position.”
HR: “Yes sir. However, we don’t tolerate employees who have that attitude.”
Me: “But madame, you can see in my resume that I’ve worked in a company for 5 years plus. I am looking for an opportunity which is more aligned to my job experience.”
HR: “What alignment are you talking about sir?”
Me: “If you can check my resume again, the job position you are looking for, I already have similar experience.”
HR: “Yes, but we still cannot accept you sir.”
Me: “I understand. I just hope you know that I’m NOT that kind of employee. That this is not an attitude of mine to simply switch employers.”
HR: “Ok sir, goodbye.”

Wrong Word Choice

I cringed when the interviewer said that I have that “attitude” to the point that I had to defend myself. “Attitude” should not be the word to use.

“Behavior” could be a more apt response. This was only one instance and she knows like the rest of the Filipino community in Dubai, everybody’s looking for better opportunities. I still wanted to talk but she sounded like she wanted to end the conversation right away.

I know I am but a number, a quota to be fulfilled in their pool of applicants. I’m sure there are plenty of people that HR lady was going to contact. A lot of Pinoys and expats are here in Dubai for employment so it won’t be that hard for her to find another candidate.

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