Seeing So Many Pinoys in Dubai

There are plenty of Pinoys in Dubai. So plenty that you can spot one in every direction. I’m not kidding. The first time I arrived here, I thought I was going to see a big difference with  the nationalities residing in this city, but it’s not the case.

pinoy ofw dubai
near the Dubai Fountain in Dubai Mall

The only thing that’s different, I guess, is the weather and the location. The city is built on sand and the weather can be extremely hot since we are located in the Middle East. Other than that, you can’t really say you’re going to miss home. But I digress. We’re still but foreigners in this desert city. We can try to make it as close to our place, but it’s totally different from the freedom we get from our own country.

Kabayans in Dubai

“Kabayan” is a normal conversation term to refer to fellow Pinoys in Dubai. It felt awkward at the beginning for me, but I soon adapted to the term especially when addressing a Filipino stranger.

westzone supermarketWest Zone Filipino Supermarket in Al Karama

Filipino Grocery Shops

When I go out to buy food from grocery shops, I see Pinoys in Dubai everywhere. Heck, Filipino Supermarkets like WestZone and Kabayan Supermarket are available for anyone who wants to buy ingredients for their Pinoy dishes!

pinoy grocery dubai
Pinoy Grocery in Dubai

Dubai Expat Population

Pinoys are not the only ones who are in this situation. Most of the population in Dubai are expats trying to make money and earning a living.

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures – I don’t know how many travellers have used this cliché to describe every country that they visit; but it’s true. You can see Arabs, Europeans, Westerners, Asians, etc. All living Dubai, all working to make a living. Aside from Indians and Pakistanis, Filipinos are seen everywhere here.

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