Posting Pictures of Women Online (Without their Consent) Can Land You in Jail

Please be advised that posting pictures of women online without their consent can land you in jail. A report from Emirates 24/7 states that Milan Sharaf, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Researcher, says that women may agree to be pictured or photographed at places or public events but does not mean we can post them online. “Those who take photographs of women at weddings and private parties and publicise them without their approval will be jailed or fined.” she said.

A special event, a great celebration, or any other regular day can remind us in the future by taking photos of how wonderful that moment was. But be mindful of how this works in the UAE because there are certain limitations when posting on social media and online.

“This is a violation of women’s privacy… they may agree to be photographed at such events but that does not mean they accept their pictures to be publicised ” Milan Sharaf continued telling the monthly magazine 999.

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The UAE Interior Ministry does not approve people taking pictures of women at weddings, ceremonies and many other events. These photos are sometimes posted online without getting any permission or approval. And to those who post them online or make them public await imprisonment or being fined accordingly. Milan Sharaf also added that pictures taken using mobile devices is alright, but showing them to others without approval could be prosecuted because this is also an offence.

Photographers and non-photographers should be careful. We may feel good sharing pictures and messages online but let us be more sensitive and avoid being complacent. The UAE has imposed strict rules when posting on social media, so make sure we abide by them else we face Fines and jail time.

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