Domestic Worker Charged for Posting Photos of Employers on Facebook

Facebook and many social media channels nowadays have already become an extension of our personal lives – reflecting our feelings, activities, concerns, and whereabouts. However, as the famous saying goes, “there is a perfect time and place for everything”. And in the UAE, the use of social media for posting photos of other people (especially) if without consent, is greatly frowned upon and could land you in trouble.

This has been a big lesson for an Asian maid who posted private photographs of her female employer and her daughters on social media as an act of appreciation or ‘out of love’ for them.

Domestic Worker Charged for Posting Photos of Employers on Facebook

Asian Maid who Posted Photos of Employers Claims it was Done ‘Out of Love’

The Gulf national and employer of the accused was shocked to learn from her friends that photographs of the family have been uploaded on Facebook, according to a report by Emarat Al Youm.

Responding to the situation, the employer turned to her Asian helper and asked for her mobile phone to confirm her suspicions. She did learn that the worker had posted the pictures, which she considered as “very private.”

During the trial on Monday (August 5), the worker told the judge that she had no ill intentions to the family and her employer when she posted the said photos, and only did so “out of love” for the family she works for.

As per case proceedings, the judge decided to adjourn the case. However, let this be an important reminder for all residents living in the UAE or the Middle East for that matter – that privacy is strictly observed in these countries, and whether we do not intend to violate anybody’s privacy, it is none of our business to share photos of other people while in the country, especially when there was no consent or approval to do so.

These are just some of the things foreign nationals need to get accustomed to when working in the UAE. Just as we have our own set of rules in our country, so does every other country in the world. It is our responsibility to understand these and to be respectful of other people’s customs, traditions, and beliefs.

This is a simple way of showing our tolerance and respect for other people, especially in a country where we are only staying temporarily in or for work only. Being mindful of our actions and decisions is crucial for a successful life overseas or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

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