How to Renew Your Alcohol License in Dubai

As part of a Muslim country, it goes without saying that drinking alcohol is restricted in the UAE. In fact, it is illegal in the emirate of Sharjah, and permitted only in licensed bars, hotels, and restaurants. With an alcohol license, however, you can purchase, drink, and store such beverages.

In a previous post, we’ve shared some things you need to know regarding drinking alcohol in Dubai, including how you can apply for an alcohol license. This type of license is valid for just one year… so what happens when the time comes to renew it?

How to Renew Your Alcohol License in Dubai 1

Guide to Renewing Your Alcohol License in Dubai

In Dubai, you can apply for an alcohol license through two liquor stores: African + Eastern (A&E) and Maritime & Mercantile Intenational (MMI). Both have online and physical stores across the emirate that you can visit for license application as well as renewal.

Before renewing your license, check out the following prerequisites, requirements, and procedure first:


  • 21 years old (or above)
  • Non-Muslim
  • UAE resident
  • Earns more than AED 3,000 per month


  • Expired alcohol license
  • Two (2) passport-sized photos
  • Copy of passport with residence visa
  • Copy of current Ejari-registered tenancy contract
  • AED 160 renewal fee

How to Renew Your Alcohol License in Dubai 2

Additional Requirements

For those under spouse’s sponsorship:

  • NOC from spouse
  • Copy of spouse’s passport with residence visa

For those whose tenancy contract is not in his/her name:

  • Copy of Ejari-registered contract of tenant
  • Copy of tenant’s passport with residence visa
  • NOC stating that tenant has no objection to applicant’s liquor license


  1. Go to any MMI or A&E store.
  2. Fill up the alcohol license renewal form.
  3. Get the form stamped by your sponsor/employer.
  4. Submit the form, along with the requirements, and pay the fee.
  5. Wait for your renewed alcohol license to be issued.

How to Renew Your Alcohol License in Dubai 3

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Please take note that even if you have an alcohol license in the UAE, you should still abide by certain rules and guidelines. Getting drunk in public, for example, is a big no-no! Likewise, drinking while driving is against the law. Read more about how to behave and social etiquette in the UAE.

DISCLAIMER: The above guide is presented for information-sharing purposes only. For more information about how to apply or renew an alcohol license, please visit the official websites of Maritime & Mercantile International (MMI) and African + Eastern (A&E).

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