Driving in the UAE: Sudden Swerving to Cost Drivers a AED 1,000 Fine and Four Black Points

Sharjah has intensified its efforts to improve road and traffic safety by installing ‘Rasid’ speed radars on the emirate’s roads to detect sudden swerving. So to all drivers, please be aware of these updates when driving on the road.

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This development is based on the fact that sudden swerving is one of the major causes of traffic accidents in the emirates.

Driving in the UAE: Sudden Swerving to Cost Drivers a AED 1,000 Fine and Four Black Points
Credits: WAM

Newly Installed Radars in UAE to Catch Sudden Swerves in Highways

According to Lt-Col Mohammad Ali Al Naqbi, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Sharjah Police, sudden swerving poses extreme risk and confusion for road users, most especially when driving on highways, since most of the time, violators change lanes without using signals, the Khaleej Times reported.

Al Naqbi added that most of the time, the cause of such major accidents on the road is the driver’s lack of attention while driving.

In line with this, the police officer explained that motorists must first ensure that there are no incoming vehicles before changing lanes. Moreover, they should also use indicators.

The police officer also explained that controlling traffic accidents that occur due to sudden swerving requires “intensified awareness campaigns in addition to increasing the penalty”.

For this reason, Sharjah’s Traffic and Patrols Department has come up with a number of awareness campaigns related to sudden deviation in several languages to educate drivers about the risks it poses to road users.

And as part of the campaign, the police circulated messages through various means of communication, including videos, to alert the public about the dangers of committing this kind of violation.

Under the UAE Federal Traffic Law, sudden swerving is a violation that warrants a fine of AED 1,000 and four black points.

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