WATCH: Reckless Driver Smashes Two Cars on Highway

Reckless driving could lead to a hefty fine and black points, not to mention endanger lives. Hence, as a warning to all motorists, Abu Dhabi Police have released a video showing a three-car accident caused by a reckless driver, The National reported.

The video shows how a motorist suddenly changed lanes, without signaling other drivers. As a result, he ended up trying to wedge between two cars — leading to a collision.

Screenshot from @adpolicehq on Instagram

Abu Dhabi Police Release Video of Road Accident

In the video, one of the drivers swerved suddenly, putting his vehicle between two others. Since there wasn’t enough space, this led to a violent collision among the three cars.

Due to the force of the impact, the front wheel of the vehicle flew off onto the road. Meanwhile, another vehicle veered off the road and almost hit other motorists.

To caution everyone against reckless driving, Abu Dhabi Police shared footage of the accident through their official Instagram account:

Although the video was released by Abu Dhabi Police, all motorists in the UAE should take heed as well. Here in Dubai, reckless driving and sudden swerving could cost you an AED 2,000 fine plus 23 black points. That’s a huge amount to pay for a moment of recklessness!

Let this video serve as a reminder to all of us — drivers, commuters, and pedestrians alike — about the dangers of reckless driving. Moreover, to ensure safety on the road, we should know the traffic violations and fines issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).