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Abu Dhabi Police

abu dhabi school bus stop

A video of a child almost hit by a school bus was posted by Abu Dhabi Police to warn all drivers to be careful and make sure to follow road rules. In this incident, a bus was already disembarking its student passengers and a child was trying to cross the road when the child was… Read more

With a huge number of Pinoys having jobs in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE, the country includes a significant Filipino-speaking population. Remarkably, the government has recognized this by making official announcements using our national language! To better communicate with the Pinoy community in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Police has started broadcasting announcements in Filipino, the… Read more

Just a few days after the car accident in Abu Dhabi that caused 44 vehicles to collide and injured 22 people, the police have arrested a truck driver for violating traffic rules. He was driving a heavy vehicle in unstable weather conditions during peak hours, which is against the law. The accident happened along Sheikh Mohammad… Read more

abu dhabi accident fog highway

Urging our drivers to please be careful when driving on the road especially during unstable weather. In an accident that occurred in Abu Dhabi, 44 vehicles collided and 22 people were injured. Related Post: How to Drive Safely During Foggy Weather There was heavy fog in the highway which attributed to the accident which happened around… Read more