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Abu Dhabi Police

VIDEO Shocking Footage Shows Danger of Jumping Red Lights

A few months ago, police authorities released a video about the danger of leaving kids in locked cars. Recently, they have released another video — this time a warning about jumping red lights. ALSO READ: Abu Dhabi Introduces Tourism Safety Campaign The video, shared by Abu Dhabi Police on social media, shows shocking footage of road accidents.… Read more

UAE Police Issue Proper Parking Guidelines for Residents

Many accidents, if we think about it – can be prevented when we remember to observe the proper way of doing things. When driving a car, there are many guidelines that we need to remember, even as we park our cars. This was the reminder issued by the police to prevent accidentally causing injury or… Read more

[WATCH] Abu Dhabi Police Share 5 Tips to Avoid Online Scams

With the frequency and relative regularity of news about online scams in the UAE, it is quite safe to say that the residents (unfortunately) have not yet learned their lesson on such. ALSO READ: Illegal Resident Posed as Rich Emirati to Scam Woman He Met Online That being said, the government, to say the least,… Read more

Abu Dhabi Police Issues Road Safety Advisory During Unstable Weather Conditions

Driving in the UAE is quite different from other areas in the world because weather status can complicate terrain conditions here, making it more difficult for drivers to navigate the road, and ending up in accidents for some, unfortunately. This being the case, authorities have been on the lookout for any weather changes expected to… Read more

Abu Dhabi Introduces Tourism Safety Campaign

The Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) announced a new campaign known as ‘Seyahati Aaminah’ or ‘My Tourism is Safe’ to ascertain the sustainability of the tourism sector and to guarantee visitor happiness and satisfaction, as well as to promote tourism security in Abu Dhabi, as shared in a report by WAM. ALSO READ: UAE Sets ‘Unlimited… Read more

[WATCH] Man Airlifted After Major Collision on UAE Road

The air flight rescue services of the Abu Dhabi Police airlifted an Asian man involved in a vehicular accident in the UAE last Thursday (November 22). Meanwhile, the other person involved in the accident was attended to by the ambulatory paramedics of the Public Safety and Emergency Directorate. ALSO READ: [WATCH] Car Crashes and Flies… Read more

[WATCH] Car Crashes and Flies through Traffic in the UAE

The Abu Dhabi Police recently uploaded a video on social media of a car accident amid road traffic build-up, as a reminder for motorists to always heed care and keep a safe distance between vehicles to avoid unnecessary accidents. ALSO READ: Breaking this UAE Traffic Law Incurs AED 1,000 Fine & Four Black Points The… Read more

Abu Dhabi Police Urges Residents to Stay In due to Bad Weather Conditions

The Abu Dhabi Police has issued an advisory through social media for its residents in the city, following continuous rainshowers in most parts of the UAE. ALSO READ: Breaking this UAE Traffic Law Incurs AED 1,000 Fine and Four Black Points Rain in the UAE is a rare occurrence, which typically happens only a few… Read more

More than AED 100 Million Worth of Fake Goods Seized by Abu Dhabi Police

A friendly reminder to all shoppers: before you buy, make sure that the items are original! Over the past nine months, Abu Dhabi Police have seized more than AED 100 million worth of counterfeit products, including 31 prestigious brands, the Emaratalyoum Newspaper reported. ALSO READ: Abu Dhabi Police Arrest 5 Men for Possession of Illegal Drugs So… Read more

[POLICE ADVISORY] Beware of ‘Cheap’ Flat Listings

They say if something is too good to be true – like an awesome flat leased for a very low price – then chances are, it probably is. The Abu Dhabi Police have issued an advisory regarding “cheap” flat ads circulating on social media and warned residents about the rising cases of real estate scams… Read more

How to Avoid Credit Card Theft 2

Be extra careful whenever you use an automated teller machine (ATM), as thieves could be out to steal your bank account details. Abu Dhabi Police has warned against credit card theft through electronic devices that are attached to such machines, WAM News Agency reported. ALSO READ: How to Report Scams & Fake Items Using “Dubai Consumer” App… Read more

abu dhabi road accident

A couple of days after a report of a truck accident in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, two road accidents occurred on Monday evening (Ocober 15, 2018) in Abu Dhabi. The first accident involved 3 vehicles where one driver was confirmed dead, while the second accident involved a collision between 4 vehicles resulting to six people getting injured. Also Read:… Read more

Breaking this UAE Traffic Law Incurs AED 1,000 Fine and Four Black Points

The Abu Dhabi Police has released an announcement on social media regarding its campaign to raise awareness for motorists to drive safely on the road as fog starts to envelope the city this time of the year. ALSO READ: 12 Tips: How to Drive During Foggy Conditions The announcement, as echoed by Brigadier Khalifa Mohammed… Read more