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For Filipinos wanting to renew their Philippine Passport in Dubai, or needing to upgrade to the ePassport, this is a post to guide you about the process. If your passport is about to expire, don’t wait further as you might get denied to travel.

You will have a hard time travelling back to the Philippines or to any other country if you will wait 6 months before your passport will expire. Better to process it as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience.

The PCG (Philippine Consulate General) embassy in Dubai is the office where you will process your passport. They have enlisted steps to take in order to process your application.

renew philippine passport dubai

Steps to Apply for a Philippine Passport in Dubai / Renewal of Philippine Passport

Here are the steps for you to apply to renew your passport while you’re in the Emirates.

1. Book an appointment online. Schedule an appointment by going to the website and choosing the available dates. – http://dubaipcg.checkappointments.com/
2. On date of appointment or appearance, go to the Philippine Consulate Embassy located in Al Qusais (directions at the bottom of this post). Fill out the E-passport Application Form.
3. Proceed to Passport Processing Area [1]
4. Proceed to Cashier [2] to pay the fee. 240 AED.
5. Proceed to Passport Encoding Area [3] – this is where they will ask for your name, birthday, and other information needed to type in the new passport as well as your photo to be taken.
6. Proceed to Releasing Section on date of release [4]

Requirements during the Appointment/Appearance:

Things to Bring During the Appearance:

  • Money to pay the fee of the ePassport – 240 AED
  • Old passport, Photocopy of the Data page and Visa page (UAE Visa Page)

During the date of the appointment, since you already have a scheduled appointment, it will take about 2 hours for everything to be finished. The staff will process your biometrics, taking of photo and entering of your data in your new passport.

Release of the ePassport

After going through the renewal process, you will wait for about 4-8 weeks for them to issue your passport. Don’t bother calling the embassy every time you want to inquire as they will tell you to wait for an announcement on the website. For your convenience, here’s an article to check the status of your Philippine passport application online.


Other Important Information about the PCG Dubai office:

Address Location: 35 Beirut St., Extension 2, Al Qusais 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PCG Dubai Office Hours:

Sunday to Thursday (Except Holidays)
8am – 12nn – Morning
12nn – 1pm – Lunch Break – Compound will be closed
1pm – 5pm – Afternoon

4pm – Cashier Payment closes

PG Dubai Website Contact Information

PCG Dubai Facebook Page – PCG Dubai and N. Emirates Facebook Page
PCG Dubai Website – http://www.dubaipcg.dfa.gov.ph/

How to Get There:

Metro and Taxi seems to be the most convenient way to get to the Consulate embassy. Here are the directions to get there:

  • Red line – Drop off at Emirates Station or Rashidiya Metro station. Take a taxi and pay about 20 Dirhams for the fare.
  • Green Line – Drop off at Al Qusais Metro Station, and you can also take a taxicab as it might get very hot if you walk (around 3 blocks away)

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  • faidza abedin

    Paanu b mag renew n pasprt

  • Perla Dellosa Alimboyong

    I need to ask and appointment to renew my passport ..Please. .my passport expiration date April 11 2016..I need to renew after 6months ofeexpiry. .can you tell me what date can I take my appointment. .For renewal my passport. .Please thank u..just send me in my face book account. .Thank you. .and More power to your wonderful idea..its easy to all of us..God bless. .

  • Juanito S. Medina

    how to get a of appointment date for renewing my passport to be expired on feb 2015.. i cannot able to get on your given website..

  • Richard David

    I tried many times to log-in to the given websites but I cant get an appointment due to all appointment times are currently reserved. After that, there is an option to find an open appointment but when I clicked next, its says, “please select time and date” but nothing to choose because it is empty (no time/dates or even a calendar shown). My passport will expire within 3 months time. Is there any option I can do to renew my passport.

    • DubaiOFW

      Hi Richard, usually if that happens, it’s because the dates you have chosen are already booked. We’ve had instances where kabayans tried to reserve in 2 months or 3 months appointment.

      • Richard david

        Thanks DubaiOFW. In that case, how i will book my appointment if there are a reserved appointments of 2-3 months? Is there any option I could do? My passport will expire in 3 months time.

  • Jinky P. Limos

    What are the requirements po when I want to change my Last name sa renewal ng passport ko sa march 2016 since I am now married.thanks sa magrereply.

  • Josephine Castellano

    how to check passport releasing online

  • Lamberto jr Buhian Dandoy

    Dear Sir/Maddam,

    I would like to request for appointment or schedule of my passport renewal this month of December 2015

    Lamberto Dandoy jr.

  • Cristina

    I have a bad experience for chosing a dates in making appointment it doesn’t give you any option coz maybe the site has an error. I did may times bit I was stuck from the page. 2 days I was trying but it couldn’t get any better.I even try to make another email that maybe there is a possibility that I do it using different email again it didn’t work ,I called many times but the line was just busy.please help people to make an appointment I couldn’t help telling us that we need to make an appointment online but the site is totally disaster.


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