Al Ain Zoo Gears Up for Construction of 3 Major Projects

As the national government looks for ways on how to sustain economic performance and boost various sectors of society including tourism, agriculture, and trade in the region, the Abu Dhabi government looks to support this cause by facilitating construction of establishments that align with its strategic goals under Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

What this means for the residents of the emirate is better facilities and services to promote the various sectors that the government can capitalize on.

Al Ain Zoo Gears up for Construction of 3 Major Projects
Credits: WAM

Construction Projects in Al Ain Zoo to Help Boost Abu Dhabi Tourism

In line with this, the Al Ain Zoo has set off the construction of three new major projects, which include the Elephant Safari, the Gorilla Sanctuary and the Sand Cat Conservation Centre, as shared in a report by WAM.

According to the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Omar Yousef Al Blooshi of the Al Ain Zoo, the three projects will be launched over the next two years, and are primarily a reflection of the zoo’s vision in accordance with the country’s vision for global leadership in wildlife conservation, through the support and promotion of conservation programmes and providing pioneering wildlife expertise.

Al-Blooshi further explained that the zoo’s focus will be on raising awareness on issues that concern wildlife preservation and environmental conservation through a series of programmes based on creative education, interaction and discovery.

As per the report, the African Elephant Safari project will cover a land area spanning 24 hectares, divided into the Elephant Safari, shelters, sheds, African village, Lions’ exhibits, safe outdoor spaces for visitors and African-style lounges.

The spaces will provide visitors the opportunity for guests to enjoy the Safari remotely via an observation tower that spreads over 1.31 hectares.

The Lion Safari links Al Ain Zoo’s current Safari to the new proposed space for elephants at a 2.6 hectares area along with 2 hectares back of house for the elephants.

Meanwhile, the Gorilla Sanctuary will span the 10,000-sqm area that was formerly dedicated to the late gorilla, “Lady,” who lived for more than 40 years inside the Al Ain Zoo. The new space will include three indoor and outdoor exhibit areas and passageways reflecting the Western lowland habitat, which will provide visitors a view of the gorillas in their natural habitat.

And lastly, the improved Sand Cat Conservation Centre looks to support breeding programmes for sand cats and other local species as well as research programmes to protect and preserve them. The Centre stands as a testament of the Al Ain Zoo’s global effort and role to the endangered Arabian Sand Cat breeding programme. In this area, there will be interactive spots and passageways where the Fennec Fox, Jerboa, Scorpions and Snakes are exhibited along with the Sand Cats, spanning a total area of 706 square meters.

The projects align with the series of future developments powered by the local and national government which aim to transform Al Ain Zoo and its surrounding area into a top tourist destination not only in the region but also in the world through the creation of select wildlife projects and experiences to support the country’s wildlife conservation initiatives.

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