#BuhayOFW in Your Early 20’s

Below is an article submitted by one of our readers who wanted to contribute an inspiring message to those who plan on becoming an expat and work abroad. We hope this will give a few insights especially to the younger generation on what it’s like to go out of comfort zones and be an overseas worker. Read on!


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Everything completely changes when you squeeze your life in a suitcase and throw yourself somewhere. You notice that it seems like the universe conspires to teach you a lot of things since you decided to live your “wanderlusting life”. You push hard and try to make your dreams real. Then you gamble, then you explore and finally, you learn.

People use many hugot phrases in describing THIS journey but for me, “unbelievably challenging” would be so perfect. THIS is a trip that has shaken my roots down to its very core. THIS is an adventure that has scared the crap out of me. And yes, THIS is a course that has practically and fundamentally changed me.ofw-rachel-ruiz

As per my experience, it is very easy to feel at home in a different city but it’s so funny how the “home away from home” differs from your “home sweet home”. You see, when you have given up all sorts of comfort, you will eventually start the process of learning. You realize that even the world lays down all the lessons and lectures to you, you just learn BUT you never ever master. It just gives us the realization that we know very little about life.

Good thing is that every day brings a special story– a kind of story that you and I can narrate loud and proud. Can you remember waking up in the middle of your sleep, unsure and scared? Remember when you suddenly break into tears because you miss your parents nag or you miss your sibs fight? And remember when you had a very deep sigh because the thought of “home” gave you a complex range of emotions?

Yes I know and I know it very well! You cannot vent out. You cannot rant. You told yourself to shut up and be brave because you have no other option but to prove that you have made the right choice. You got yourself convinced that everything is going to be alright and there shouldn’t be turning back. Like everyone else, I often find myself caught in a rut because of all my impulsive decisions. But never did I regret and never will I ever do.


Moving abroad isn’t always like rainbows and butterflies. It is hard. And mind you, you don’t always find what you’re looking for. It is definitely true when people say that “The coming was easy but deciding to stay is sometimes hard.” But I am pretty sure that in God’s perfect time, after all the shaky steps, we will also reach our goals. We may not be there yet, but we are on the right path.

Moving away from home also means to evolve. It opens you to a new culture and a new lifestyle. Oftentimes, it gives you an epiphany and makes you appreciate what you have back home. And as we take a big leap outside our comfort zones, we also get the freedom to know ourselves a lot better. I’m certain that after all the ups, downs, breaks and falls, we will all be thankful for this life-altering experience.


So bes, do whatever you want to truly do in life. The myriad steps required in achieving our life goals may be all too exhausting but in the end it will be worth it. If you have not taken a single step yet, start today! Do not wait for signs because the stars will never align just to let you know it’s a GO and the “Noes” are not too important anyway. If you are the only one telling yourself “yes” then you’re fine. Remind yourself that “yourself” is with you and know you’re in good company. Sweetie, conditions are not perfect and will never be. So decide now. Pull out some guts and stop being a chicken! Be someone! Be somebody!

About the Author: Rachel Therese Ruiz

Rachel has been in Dubai since 2013 and she is currently working as Receptionist / PRO Assistant in a wire company in JAFZA. She’s a writer at heart who fictionalizes almost everything and she loves books bundled with chocolate almond bars. (Jeremiah 29:11 ❤). FacebookInstagramTwitter


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