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Daily Life in Dubai

These are blog posts about living in Dubai. It talks about random things such as the weather, my surroundings and even simple things like paying my bills.

West Zone Supermarkets Opens New Outlet in Abu Dhabi

One of the challenges overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) face when working abroad is homesickness. And among the many things we miss when living away from home, other than our family, is Filipino food. This is the reason why many OFWs scour neighbourhoods to find food stuff or ingredients that will allow them to whip up… Read more

facts about dubai

Every now and then, we receive articles from contributing writers, many of whom are fellow Pinoys also living and working in Dubai. Some of these articles are about jobs and work-related topics, which are definitely helpful for those seeking employment and planning to build their careers in Dubai. ALSO READ: Places to Visit in Dubai, UAE Today’s… Read more

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Dubai 2

If you are new to Dubai and looking for a Catholic church in the area, one of the places that you can go to is St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Situated in Bur Dubai, it has been around since the late 1960s. ALSO READ: Guide to Getting Married in Dubai Whether you are planning to attend mass,… Read more

A Look at Dubai Sports City: A Sports-themed Residential District

If you want to step away from the hustle and bustle of city life along Sheikh Zayed Road, the best thing to do would be to move into Dubai Sports City. ALSO READ: Sports Society: World’s Largest Sports Mall in Dubai, Coming Soon In a walkable neighbourhood of around 1,183 residential complexes, which include 39 towers, 1,144… Read more

If a stranger dropped his wallet on the street and nobody noticed except you — what would you do? Would you return it, or would you slip it into your pocket while no one is looking?! This scenario was the basis of a social experiment done by Trollstation. They captured a video of a man… Read more

dubai land of milk honey

The moment my eyes caught the first light below the seas of darkness and pits of void, tears of joy started to flow uncontrollably. In a few minutes I would land in Dubai, my heart pounded heavily on my chest with nervousness and excitement. It  took everything in me to contain myself from the passenger… Read more

renew uae vehicle license online

Car owners whose vehicles are about to expire will need to renew it or face penalties. Once you have purchased a car in Dubai, it is your responsibility to pay your fines and renew your vehicle registration to make sure that you are legally allowed to drive your car. We had our car for a… Read more

muslims celebrate christmas uae

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas? This is a question raised by Emirati artist, Khalid Al Ameri, which is also relevant as plenty of expats are celebrating holidays in the United Arab Emirates. This video posted on Facebook has been circulating on social media and has since gone viral. While the general answer is no (Christmas is… Read more

car accident tips dubai

Unfortunately, road and traffic accidents in Dubai do happen and sometimes it happens frequently. If you find yourself in a traffic accident or collision, then here is what you need to do immediately after to deal with the situation quickly and smoothly. Related Post: How to Get a Driver’s License in Dubai As a driver,… Read more


Black Friday has blossomed into one of the year’s most active shopping days around the world affecting savvy shoppers in the UAE too. Picodi, an international smart-shopping platform, has recently shared a detailed report about the consumers behaviour on this particular day around the world. Which country took the top spot? Interestingly, the biggest increase… Read more

Guide to Banking Money Matters and Taxes in Dubai - Featured Image

Since salaries or wages are tax-free in Dubai, many expatriates are able to save and live comfortably in the emirate. Banking is relatively easy, and there are many options for making payments, shopping, and sending money both locally and abroad. The official currency in the UAE is the Dirham, which is abbreviated as AED, DH,… Read more

Cost of Living in Dubai - A Guide - Featured Image

The cost of living in Dubai is one of the highest in the Middle East. In fact, the Mercer Cost of Living Survey ranked it 21st out of 209 cities worldwide in 2016. Residing in Dubai is also more expensive than living in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. Despite higher living costs, many… Read more

There are almost nine and a half million people living in the UAE today. However, not everyone is aware of the laws in the country, even if they have been living here for quite some time. Indeed, there are things that first-time visitors should know when they arrive in the UAE. Being a Muslim country, the… Read more

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