Dieting in Dubai

The past few weeks, my meals when I’m at work are mostly composed of salads and either a half-roasted chicken or some chicken mortadella slices. I buy these food items from the Carrefour grocery shop. It’s a lot cheaper and healthier compared to ordering staff meals in the mall.

dubai dietGreek Salad from Carrefour plus Mortadella slices – Total cost around 13 Dirhams

Measuring Body Fat in Boots Pharmacy and GNC Sports Nutrition

In Boots Pharmacy, they have a machine that measures your Body Fat percentage. The machine also measures your height and weight, blood pressure and BMI. But I only use it to calculate my body fat percentage. GNC nutrition shop also has that, but in Boots Pharmacy, the price is cheaper.

Boots Pharmacy Body Fat Calculator: 1 Dirham
GNC Shop Body Fat Calculator: 2 Dirhams

Lowering Body Fat

Since I’ve started going back to lifting weights, I’ve become more concerned about what I eat and more focused on a goal to lower my body fat. I’ve read online magazines as well as tried (and sometimes failed) some routines that would work best for me.

Dieting and Food Intake

For now, I’m working on my diet and my food intake. I have not completely given up on rice during my days off, but I’ve chosen to stick to more greens and proteins. I’ve been consuming whey protein in my diet and now I’m still studying about eating less oily food. Eating a Greek salad daily seems to work for me.

Making my Own Salads

From buying salads to making my own greens. Since there’s already a refrigerator at home, I can stock on food to save more money. Salads in the grocery shop are still expensive when you think about it.

Salads in Carrefour – 8 Dirhams to 15 Dirhams.
Packing my Own vegetables – 3 Dirhams cost

cucumber dubai
Greens I made myself – Total cost 3 Dirhams

Making my own, I can choose the ingredients and cut on the cheese intake too. I’m excited as I get to explore another side of dieting in Dubai. Although, I still occasional cheat days, I’m in the process of achieving my fitness goals.

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