87 PHOTOS: Carrefour Sale Festival in City Centre Deira

We dropped by City Centre Deira today and checked out some great offers available for customers in Carrefour UAE. This big chain supermarket is running a variety of discounted products ahead of the Dubai Shopping Festival season. The DSF sale includes electronics, laptops, cellphones, home appliances, kitchenware, TV and sound system, hardware, grocery items, and many more.

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Yesterday, we visited the Carrefour in City Centre Sharjah and thought we would visit the Carrefour in Dubai’s City Centre Deira branch. After all, many of our OFW readers as well as other expat nationalities follow our page as we share many of these enticing deals and promotions available for the community.

Check out the video below:

Here’s a video of the sale during DSF of the actual shops inside the mall itself:

If you don’t want to view the video, you can also scroll down to find out the deals we saw based on our visit:

Carrefour Dubai Deira City Centre DSF Sale

Christmas Sale in Carrefour Supermarket Deira City Centre

We asked one of the staff of Carrefour and they mentioned that the sale is for the DSF season already. However, be advised that prices may change without prior notice. Their brochures mention that the offers are good until December 23, 2020, but it is best to contact them if you need further information.

The DSF sale actually starts from 17th December, but it’s great to know that Carrefour has launched their own in-store promos so much earlier. In case you want to buy items for the festive season, they have a lot of grocery items available.

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Do take advantage of the huge discounts of good quality products. Here are just a few pictures available that we’ve taken that we’ve noticed during our quick visit.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that prices listed here may change without prior notice and the discounts may also vary. It is best to contact Carrefour UAE if you have any specific questions and clarifications. Our aim in Dubai OFW is to share with you these helpful tips as we’ve always pioneered these types of photo posts for our readers to get an idea on huge discounts.


As always, we hope you are glad that we shared these sale alert in UAE to you. We also hope you enjoy the shopping experience. Continue to stay safe and observe safety precautions when you’re inside the supermarket or when you go out in public!

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