Filipino Forum in Dubai for Pinoy Expats

Hi everyone! We’re launching the new forum page which will help create a better community for Filipino Overseas Workers in Dubai. I’ve been tinkering the idea of setting up an online portal for Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. This idea has been inspired by sites like and so I decided about setting this page up so kabayans in the UAE can express their thoughts about various topics.

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Pinoy Workers in Dubai Forum

We aim to make this site as a platform where Filipinos can share their stories in Dubai as well as discuss various topics from just about anything. We are empowering you to make a statement and we wish that you express yourself appropriately.

Kabayan Forum Categories

The forum has plenty of categories from Employment to Living in Dubai to Places to Visit to Restaurants and House issues. If you have a question to ask, kindly post it there and we will do our best to answer or find somebody to answer those inquiries!

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