Unlimited DXB Free WiFi at Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central

The Dubai International Airport (DXB) is not only one of the busiest airports in the world; it also offers state-of-the art amenities and facilities, including free, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet. Whether you’re traveling to Dubai or simply passing by on your way to another destination, you can easily stay updated and connected with your family and friends.

Since December 4, 2016, Dubai Airports has upgraded the system at DXB as well as at Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). The upgrade was made in response to customer expectations. It included implementing a more user-friendly Wi-Fi landing page, where it only takes one click to connect to the Wi-Fi Network! Notably, the connection speed is among the fastest globally, and is claimed to be a benchmark for airports around the world.

how to connect to dxb free wifi dubai airport

Free High-Speed Wi-Fi at DXB and DWC Airports

Dubai Airports invested in about 6,000 additional access points to upgrade the wireless network setup at DXB and DWC. Internet links are boosted to more than 5Gbps, which is enough power to service a small city and ensure bandwidth capacity! To improve information dissemination for the benefit of passengers, Web-based apps were also introduced.

“As the world’s largest international hub, we are the heart of many journeys across the world today,” Executive Vice President of Business Technology at Dubai Airports, Michael Ibbitson, had stated in a press release.

“When our passengers arrive in Dubai after a long journey, they now expect to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world,” he explained. “To enable this, Dubai Airports has invested heavily in developing a state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver industry leading Wi-Fi capability. It is just one of many initiatives we have undertaken to serve and delight the 83 million passengers that will pass through our airports this year.”

Today, passengers at DXB can use the free, high-speed Wi-Fi for 60 minutes, thus enhancing their experience and making it easier for them to stay updated and connected while traveling.


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How to Connect to the Wi-Fi at Dubai Airports

Connecting to the free Wi-Fi at DXB and DWC is easy, whether you’re using Android devices or iPhones.

1. Using an Android Device

Follow these steps to connect to the free Wi-Fi using an Android device:

  1. Tap or press “Home,” then tap “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to “Wireless & Networks,” and turn on the Wi-Fi.
  3. Under “Available Networks,” tap “DXB Free WiFi” to connect to the free Wi-Fi.
  4. Open the web browser and tap “Get Online Now” to enjoy the free Wi-Fi at Dubai Airports.

2. Using an iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” and tap “Wi-Fi” to turn it on.
  2. Under “Public Networks,” tap “DXB Free WiFi” to connect to the free Wi-Fi.
  3. Open the web browser and tap “Get Online Now” to enjoy the free Wi-Fi at Dubai Airports.

NOTE: If you are using iOS 13 or iPadOS, you might see “DXB Free WiFi” under “My Networks” or “Public Networks.”

3. Using DXB Free Wifi Login via Laptop

If you are using a laptop, you can easily sign in to the Dubai Airport WiFi.

  1. Find the DXB Free WiFi Airport Login network.
  2. Connect to the WiFi and wait for your connection.

That’s it! The connection to the free wifi at Dubai airport is very fast and easy to access. You can save time and money by connecting to the WiFi here. Whenever I try to log in to the network, it’s very convenient and there’s no hassle at all.

I’m really glad that Dubai is always at the forefront of having these smart services being offered for FREE to its residents.

I’m always able to get online and do what I need to do without any problem. I think it’s great that the airport offers this service for free. It makes things much easier and less stressful for everyone. Thanks, Dubai!

dxb free wifi portal
screenshot of the Dubai International Airport Free Wifi service

DXB Free Wifi Boingo

Boingo Wireless is the leading DAS and Wi-Fi provider that serves consumers, carriers and advertisers worldwide. This is the official Free interneti WiFi provider for Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central (DWC).

Boingo will run and manage ad-supported Wi-Fi services at both airports, which handle a staggering 66 million leisure and business passengers each year.

All Dubai passengers will get free Wi-Fi access through Boingo’s tiered wireless service model, allowing them to access their email, social networks and favorite entertainment content quickly and easily for a set period of time.

Video: How Fast is the WiFi Speedtest in Dubai Airport

Check out this video clip which features a short speedtest of the WiFi speed at the Dubai Airport. Take note that this internet connection is FREE and there are thousands of passengers at a time when you are at the airport terminal. Yet, you can access fast and reliable internet service without costing you!

How fast is the Internet WiFi Speed at Dubai Airport?

During our visit, we ran a speed test and it registered a speed of 45 Mbps! We ran it twice upon boarding our flight. In some cases, other YouTubers tried to run a speedtest and it registered a speed of 76 Mbps!

Of course, the speed will vary depending on the number of people accessing the network too. But given that DXB is one of the busiest airports in the world, it’s really great that you can have fast WiFi and free WiFi when you’re at the airport.

Is there a Charge for Additional Wi-Fi?

As cited earlier, each passenger transiting through DXB and DWC can access free Wi-Fi for 60 minutes. If you need to use the Internet for a longer period, you can avail of additional Wi-Fi at these rates: AED 19.95/hour (mobile devices) or AED 29.95/day (laptops).

An alternative option would be to subscribe to Boingo’s Worldwide Program, which costs AED 49.95/month. Through this program, you can access over 1,000,000 hotspots around the world. It’s the perfect plan for jetsetters!

Other Things to Do at Dubai International Airport

Aside from offering free Wi-Fi, DXB provides other amenities and facilities, such as currency exchange, taxi services, shower rooms, sleeping pods, free newspapers, and more!

If you’re on a layover, you might find yourself with several hours of free time. What can you do then? Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do at Dubai International Airport:

1. Go shopping.

The airport has quite a number of duty-free shops, all of which are open 24/7. Here, you can buy premium accessories such as bags, watches, and sunglasses. You can also purchase dates, chocolates, and other souvenirs for your family and friends back home.

2. Eat up!

There are around 135 cafes and restaurants at Dubai International Airport. Plenty of local and international cuisines to choose from!

3. Rest and relax.

Located near Gates B7 and B27 in Terminal 3 is the Zen Gardens. Filled with lush trees, benches, and a fish pond, it’s the perfect spot to rest and relax at Dubai International Airport!

4. Head to the lounge.

For AED 195, you can purchase a lounge pass to access any of the premium lounges at Dubai International Airport. These lounges have Wi-Fi, TV, magazines, newspapers, a flight information monitor, and other amenities. For AED 53, you can also get a shower kit and take a shower at the lounge’s shower facility.

Free Wi-Fi, duty-free shopping, cafes, restaurants, and lounges – these are some of the things you can enjoy at Dubai Airports. Of course, if you will be staying in Dubai for 9 hours or more, then consider taking a quick tour of the city instead. For this you might need to apply for a transit visa, which would enable you to enter and explore the city. Enjoy!


Dubai Airport offers its passengers complimentary WiFi internet service. The service is available in both the arrivals and departures terminals. Passengers can connect to the network “DWC_Free_WiFi” and then open a web browser to start surfing the internet.

Anyone who needs help connecting to the network can ask one of the airport’s customer service representatives for assistance.

It is so convenient to use the DXB FREE WiFi connection and it offers a great way to stay connected while waiting for your flight.

Whether you are using the complimentary or premium WiFi service, you will be able to stay connected while you are at Dubai Airport.

In addition to complimentary WiFi, Dubai Airport also offers a variety of other services and amenities to make passengers’ travel experiences more enjoyable. These include restaurants, shops, lounges, and massage services. The airport also has its own hotel, the Dubai International Hotel, which is located within the terminal complex.

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