Indian Rescues Pinoy Family from Dubai Villa Fire

An Indian expat was not expecting that he would witness a fire break out one morning while he was about to go for a jog. And when the incident unfolded right before him, he did not hesitate to do the right thing, even if it meant putting himself in harm’s way to save others

Forty-year-old Dinesh Anandan was ready for his morning jog when he noticed smoke coming out of his neighbor’s room. And what he did next required a moment of courage and quick-thinking as people were still inside the house when a fire started to break out. 

Indian Rescues Pinoy Family from Dubai Villa Fire
Credits: Jyn B. Sanico / Facebook

Indian Expat Rescues Filipino Family from Fire in Dubai Villa

Anandan recounted in an exclusive interview with ARN News: “It happened at around 5:10 am. I was about to go and exercise but I saw the fire. I tried to stop it from spreading but it just grew.

Recognizing the impending danger they were all in, Dinesh rushed to inform his neighbors about the blaze.

Dinesh shared how he himself was very scared at that moment, but had to put on a brave face to ensure his neighbor’s safety. Doing so, he banged on their doors telling them to get up. 

His quick and resolute thinking resulted in him helping his neighbors escape in the nick of time.

The family of 7 whom he saved was Jyn Sanico’s, a 34-year-old Filipino sales executive working in Dubai. 

Jyn shared how they are very grateful for what her fellow expat did, and briefly shared about the incident: “All seven of us were asleep when I heard this loud banging on our door and someone shouting ‘Fire! Fire!‘”

Fortunately, everyone was able to escape the villa unharmed. Afterward, Jyn notified the Dubai Civil Defence of the blaze.

Right after the incident, Jyn’s family, including a two-year-old baby, were moved to a temporary shelter.

She later posted on Facebook about her ordeal, prompting Dubai’s Filipino community to come forward and help them out.

“A lot of groups came together and provided us with food, clothes, and other essentials. We also received financial support from the consulate,” Jyn shared. 

Jyn has been sharing part of the care packages she received with Dinesh and his roommates, whose house had also been damaged by the fire.

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