DID YOU KNOW? Insulting Others in UAE Could Land You an AED 5,000 Fine and 6 Months Jail Time

In the UAE, common misdemeanors can be gravely fined or serve as a basis for being jailed. Such is the case with insulting others, whether it be online on social media, over the phone or in person. In line with this, the UAE Public Prosecution issued a reminder clarifying the penalties for crimes of libel or insult over the telephone, in person, or through a letter under the UAE Federal Penal Code.

Privacy and personal integrity are two major things held in great esteem in the UAE. For this reason, harsh punishments await those who will attempt to malign these both in public and in private.

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UAE LAW: AED 5,000 Fine and 6 Months Jail For Insulting People over the Phone, in Person, or Through Letter

In a video clip shared via its social media platforms, the Public Prosecution said: “According to Article 374 of the Federal Penal Code, a person shall be subject to a jail sentence for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding AED 5,000 in case the libel or insult takes place over the telephone or facing the victim in the presence of others. The penalty shall be a fine not exceeding Dh5,000 if the libel or insult takes place facing the victim without the presence of a third party or in a letter dispatched to him by any means whatsoever.”

In line with this, the Federal Public Prosecution explained that the release of the video reinforces the government’s position to promote the legal culture among members of the community and raise their awareness of related laws in order to reduce violations resulting from ignorance of laws.

Moreover, similar charges will be imposed if a government employee or a person in public authority is insulted while performing their duties.

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