Woman Granted AED 10,000 Compensation from Man who Sent Insulting Messages via WhatsApp

A woman who received insulting messages from a man via popular messaging app WhatsApp will receive AED 10,000 as compensation.

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The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals upheld the decision ordering the man to pay in sum, on top of a four percent annual interest if the payment shall be delayed any further.

Woman to be Granted AED 10,000 Compensation from Man who Sent Insulting Messages via WhatsApp

AED 10,000 Compensation to be Awarded to Woman who Received Insulting Messages from Man via WhatsApp

According to court representatives, the woman had filed the charges against the man, initially seeking AED 100,000 for the insulting messages, and an additional nine percent interest on top of it for delaying payments, the Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm reported.

Upon investigation and trial, the Court of First Instance in Abu Dhabi declared the man guilty and ordered him to pay AED 10,000 as compensation with 4% annual interest if he delays the payment.

The woman, however, appealed the decision and requested that the court increase the payment.

However, the Appeal Court refused her request and upheld the ruling of the court of First instance stating that the woman’s request did provide any further details justifying an increase in compensation.

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