Emirati-Filipino Siblings Warn Filipinos about ‘Chismis’, Insults, Gossiping in UAE

Warning to all Filipinos and expat nationalities in Dubai. Please be reminded that spreading rumors or gossiping is illegal in the UAE.

In a recent video uploaded on the Facebook Page of Filipino-Emirati vlogger Fahed Alblooshi (also known as The Emaratino Traveler), he reminded Filipinos in the UAE about the rule that ‘rumor-mongering’ is illegal and you can face consequences.

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Filipino-Emirati Siblings become Subject of Insult and Chismis in Salon, Reminds about Strict Rules of Rumors and Spreading Gossip in UAE

In a Facebook Live video post with the caption “Bakit Maraming kabayan na Maraming chismis?” uploaded last December 15, Fahed was with his sister in a car as they shared their disappointment after becoming a subject of “chismis” inside a salon by Filipino workers.

The staff members insulted her in Tagalog, but they later realized that Fahed’s sister understands the Filipino language.

Fahed’s sister was made fun of in the salon and she was insulted while providing salon service to her.

They were accommodated in the salon, but then Fahed and his sister began hearing the workers in the salon gossip about them.

“Yung kapatid ko gusto nya magpawax ng kamay,” he said.

However, while at the salon, she overheard one employee say to another about her body hair: “Grabe ang buhok mabalahibo naman yan.”

They complained about the incident to the manager, and they began speaking in Tagalog, the staff was startled.

“Akala nyo hindi ako marunong mag-Tagalog? Half-Pinay po ako at masakit lahat ng sinabi nyo tungkol sa akin. May balahibo ako. Kayo ba walang balahibo? Paano kung nalaman ng government ginagawa niyo,’” she said.

She stated that the salon workers’ remarks had offended her feelings and reminded them that gossiping and insulting can lead to jail and a fine.

Check out the video posted on Emarati-Filipino’s Facebook Page below:

It is a crime to spread malicious rumors or gossip, which is punishable and carry a three-year jail sentence and fines up to AED1 million. Insults could also land you jail time and fine.

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May we remind all our kababayans to please spread kindness to one another. Avoid gossiping and spreading rumors as this can lead to serious consequences. Throwing insults

You may be able to get away with saying negative things temporarily with other nationalities (except for this particular situation as the customers know how to speak the Filipino language). But it is still not good to degrade or insult another person.

It is much better to be kind and polite no matter what nationality they are, have patience when dealing with them so that there will be no problems later on, please!

Let us all remember the golden rule: do unto others what you want them to do unto you. Spread kindness and peace, not rumors and hate.

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Also, please be professional when you are working with foreigners. Remember that they are also people and they may have feelings, just like us. Let’s be respectful to them.

Don’t wait for someone to report you to authorities. More than the fines and jail time, it is critical that we should treat each other with respect and kindness.