Emirates temporarily stops flights to 30 Destinations

Emirates airlines will be suspending flights to 30 destinations globally starting Tuesday – 17th March 2020 due to COVID-19 outbreak. This announcement was made in a news alert for travel updates published on March 16, 2020 at the Emirates website.

The suspension of these destinations is due to countries imposing travel and immigration restrictions. Please be advised that the list may change without prior notice given the dynamic nature of the airline industry in these times of crisis. Passengers are asked to check the travel advisories of the countries where they are travelling to and from.

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emirates suspension flights covid-19

List of Emirates Flight Destinations Suspended due to Coronavirus

Note: Again, this list may change without prior notice. Please see the full list of affected destinations below:

  1. Amman: From 17 March to 31 March
  2. Baghdad: From 17 March to 31 March
  3. Bangkok– Hong Kong: From 9 March – 31 March
  4. Basra: From 17 March to 31 March
  5. Beirut:From 17 March to 31 March
  6. Bologna: From 13 March – 03 April
  7. Casablanca:From 16 March – 31 March
  8. Dammam: From 09 March until further notice
  9. Fort Lauderdale:13 to 31 March
  10. Guangzhou: From 05 February until further notice
  11. Istanbul (IST): From 17 March – 31 March
  12. Istanbul (SAW): From 17 March – 31 March
  13. Jeddah: From 09 March until further notice
  14. Kuwait City:From 14 March to 31 March
  15. Larnaca: From 17 March- 31 March
  16. Malta (via Larnaca): From 17 March- 31 March
  17. Medina: From 09 March until further notice
  18. Milan: From 13 March – 03 April
  19. New York JFK – Milan: 11 March to 12 April
  20. New York EWR – Athens: 13 March to 12 April
  21. Peshawar: From 15 March to 31 March, flights to/from Peshawar will be rerouted through Islamabad. Affected customers will need to make their own way to rerouted airports and will receive an email with their rebooking details.
  22. Porto: From 17 March- 31 March
  23. Riyadh: From 09 March until 31 March
  24. Rome: From 14 March – 03 April
  25. Shanghai: From 05 February until further notice
  26. Sialkot: From 15 March to 31 March, flights to/from Sialkot will be re-routed through Lahore. Affected customers will need to make their own way to rerouted airports and will receive an email with their rebooking details.
  27. Taipei: From 16 March until further notice
  28. Tehran: From 26 February until further notice
  29. Venice:From 12 March – 03 April
  30. Warsaw: From 15 March – 28 March

For questions about refunds, rebookings, etc. due to the flight changes/cancellations, please contract your travel agency or the Emirates offices for advice. Please check this website for more information about the Emirates flight updates – https://www.emirates.com/ae/english/help/travel-updates/#3515

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