Expat Acquitted of Molesting Filipina Jobseeker Twice

Sometimes opportunities present to us in ways we least expect them, but when they do, we have to be smart enough to know which ones are legitimate versus those which require something from us in exchange.

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However, in the case of people who are left without other options or are in a dire situation which forces them to commit poor decisions, every opportunity seems like their only way out, and this often leads to a position where others can easily take advantage of them.

Expat Acquitted of Molesting Filipina Jobseeker Twice

Man who Sexually Assaulted Filipina Twice Cleared by Court in Dubai

Such is the case of a Filipina who was tricked by an Egyptian man to believing that she was going on an interview for a job in the UAE, but had been sexually taken advantage of twice in the process. The Egyptian man who had been accused of raping the Filipina job seeker in a hotel room in Dubai has been cleared of all charges, but prosecutors are appealing the ruling, as shared in a report by the Asia Times.

The case follows a Filipina job seeker who met the defendant for what she was made to believe was a job interview back in November. The man had offered the woman an interview with his aunt who allegedly owns a business in the UAE, and insisted that he drive her to a restaurant for the meeting.

However, on the way to the restaurant, the man allegedly molested the woman while pretending to look for a pack of cigarettes on her seat.

The woman informed investigators that the man drove her to a hotel and made her wait in the car for a few minutes, then brought her into a hotel room, where he allegedly raped her twice.

Following the incident, the man reportedly slipped AED 50 inside the woman’s purse as he let her leave.

This gave the woman the opportunity to report the incident at the hotel reception, which notified the police, and led to the arrest of the man.

Prosecutors accused the Egyptian man of rape and sexual assault. However, on Wednesday (May 22), the man had been cleared of all charges by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

While the reason for the acquittal is still unknown, prosecutors are appealing the ruling, still.

This case reflects the problem of illegal recruitment in the UAE, or anywhere in the world, for that matter. For as long as people commit to the ‘promises’ offered by these kind of people, there will always be victims of abuse and injustice.

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