Filipina Goes Blind After Friend Sprays Acid on Her Face

No matter how we live our lives, sometimes people can just find anything that they can use again us. That’s why it’s twice as hard living life abroad as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in a foreign country with other nationalities that we also have to deal with in our everyday lives.

Other than the demands of work and the challenges in living conditions, OFWs also have to deal with different personalities and attitudes that may be largely influenced by someone’s upbringing and to some extent, culture. And with the turn of the New Year, citizens of the UAE are being reminded to exercise understanding, tolerance, and acceptance towards each other, no matter the differences.

Filipina Goes Blind After Friend Sprays Acid on her Face

Pinay Becomes Blind After Friend Splashes Acid on her Face

Just before the New Year officially came in, last Sunday (December 30), the Dubai Court of First Instance heard the case of a woman who had been accused of intentionally causing disability and total blindness to a Filipina after she has splashed two litres of acid on her friend’s face, according to a report by Gulf News.

The defendant, a 30-year old Kenyan woman, refuted charges filed against her of causing total blindness and permanent disability to her Filipina friend, but admitted to the act with the intention of splashing acid on her friend’s face, as revealed during the investigation.

However, the Dubai Public Prosecution withheld the information as to the reason behind the attack.

In a report gathered from official records, the 48-year old Filipina was visiting her male Kenyan friend in Al Satwa last March 2018 when the incident took place.

In a statement, the Filipina shared that she went to pick up her shoes as she had forgotten to bring them home the day before. The victim sat on the side of her friend’s bed and had wanted to use the toilet but it was occupied at the time. It was then when the accused entered the room holding a white plastic bottle and emptied its content [acid] on her face, hands, and legs.

The victim’s friend also witnessed the incident as he also got sprayed with some acid when he tried to help her on the spot.

After the victim’s friend tried to wash off the acid on her body, he immediately took her to Rashid hospital for treatment.

After the police visited the victim in the hospital, they immediately went to arrest the defendant.

According to the victim, she had undergone several painful surgeries, and can now only see direct light shined on her eyes.

The presiding judge deferred the case on January 22. Meanwhile, the Kenyan defendant was kept under custody by authorities.

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