Fake News: Man Suffers Epileptic Seizures, NOT Coronavirus, says Dubai

A reminder to everyone to stop spreading rumours especially in these trying times. The Dubai Media Office dispels a rumour circulating on social media of a video that went viral wherein a man was lying on the ground. The man was claimed to have suffered from the coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

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However, in a post from their official social media account, the Dubai Media office clarified that the person did not have COVId-19. Instead, he was suffering from an epileptic seizure.

Below is the Tweet from Dubai Media Office regarding the rumour.

Rumour: Coronavirus Victim
Truth: Man suffers epileptic seizure

rumour coronavirus victim epileptic seizure

Time and again, UAE authorities have been reminding citizens and residents to avoid circulating rumours and not publish any information coming from unverified sources.