16-Year-Old Girl Falls to Death Trying to Take Selfie

A 16-year-old girl fell to her death while trying to take a selfie in a building in Sheikh Zayed Road.

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According to a report from Gulf News, the girl fell from the 17th floor of a building along the famous highway on a Saturday.

Photo of Sheikh Zayed Road
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Asian Girl Falls from Building in Sheikh Zayed Road

In the same report, Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media in Dubai Police, stated that the Asian girl was on the edge of the balcony in her parent’s flat trying to take a selfie when she fell to death.

“She was standing on a chair in the balcony and trying to take a selfie when she lost control and fell to death,” Col Al Qasim said.

The Dubai Police has urged the public to be careful while doing such actions and for parents to monitor their children and youngsters.

“We always warn people about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving. But now, we witnessed a different, tragic incident of a girl who died because of a selfie,” Col Al Qasim said.

This incident serves as a warning to us all to keep safety as a priority at all times.