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Filipino Man Accused of Stabbing Colleague in the Workplace

The emirate of Dubai is generally a safe place to live in, so it is truly disheartening to hear about cases of crime, most especially if it involves a fellow Pinoy. ALSO READ: Filipina Goes Blind After Friend Sprays Acid on Her Face On Wednesday, October 3, a Dubai court heart the case of a 41-year-old… Read more

Man Fined AED 5K for Stealing 2 Mangoes at Airport

No matter how hungry or thirsty you get, it isn’t right to steal things at the airport — or anywhere else, for that matter — most especially if you are an airport employee whose duty is to handle other people’s baggage with care, for proper storage and safekeeping. ALSO READ: Woman who Snuck Walnuts Stuffed with Drugs… Read more

how to check travel ban financial case dubai

If you have ever been involved in a financial case and you would like to check your status, as well as see if you are banned to travel to Dubai, the Dubai Police has introduced a new service that allows you to do so. Let’s say you want to check if you have a travel ban… Read more

Man Charged for Murder of Pinay Housemaid in Dubai

Just recently, we shared about a man who was arrested for filming a Filipina without her permission. Today, we are going to report about another Pinay kababayan who, unfortunately, was killed during a crime incident. ALSO READ: Dubai Police Urges Citizens to Report Crimes by Using e-Crime Platform Recently, a man has been charged for murdering a… Read more

Man Arrested for Filming a Filipina Taking a Shower

Aside from avoiding online investment scams that have been spreading around lately, we also have to be careful of suspicious persons… including “peeping toms.” ALSO READ: Woman Offers AED 10 Massage, Attacks and Robs Man of AED 37,000 Police have apprehended a man who has been accused of filming another woman (not his wife) while she was… Read more

Boss Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail for Drowning Employee

With so many different people coming to live and work in the same place, the UAE is, indeed, a diverse community where unity, cooperation, and tolerance exist. And so, it is truly tragic when we hear about people of the same nationalities committing crimes against one another. ALSO READ: Dubai Police Urges Citizens to Report Crimes by… Read more

Pinoy Expat Charged for Stealing AED 250K from Hotel Guests

Last month, a Filipina based in Dubai was charged for engaging in business fraud. Recently, another Pinoy expat has been charged — this time for stealing money from hotel guests. The accused, a 33-year-old Filipino accountant, went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance. Allegedly, he had been falsifying the insurance reclaim forms of… Read more

Pinay Housemaid Charged for Molesting Employer's 5-year-old Girl

On Sunday, March 17, the Dubai Court of First Instance, heard the case of a housemaid who had been arrested for sexually molesting her employer’s 5-year-old daughter. ALSO READ: 2 Pinay Maids Arrested for Stealing Clothes, Money from Sponsor The defendant, a 27-year-old Filipina housemaid, had admitted to touching the young girl inappropriately. Hence, she was… Read more

Man Blackmails Filipina Using Indecent Photos Sent Online 4

Be careful who you chat with! A man has been accused of blackmailing a woman in Dubai, using revealing photos and videos that she had sent to him through an online dating site. ALSO READ: Pinay Threatens Husband, Posts Family Photos w/o Permission The victim, a 39-year-old Filipina saleswoman, thought she was exchanging messages with a… Read more

Pinay Threatens Husband Posts Family Photos wo Permission 4

A friendly reminder: be careful what you post online, because you could get into trouble! A female expat in Dubai learned this recently — after insulting and threatening her husband — plus posting pictures of him and his family on social media without their permission! ALSO READ: 25-Year Jail Term, 4 Million AED Fine for Cybercrimes… Read more

Man Charged for Sexually Assaulting a Filipina 3

The Dubai Court of First Instance has charged a man for kidnapping and raping a woman. The defendant, a 29-year-old Pakistani, took her to a remote area after inviting her for dinner. The incident took place last year, November 14, and was filed at the Jebel Ali police station. ALSO READ: Security Guard Accused of Molesting… Read more

2 Pinay Maids Arrested for Stealing Clothes Money from Sponsor 2

Two Filipina housemaids, ages 29 and 47, have been accused of stealing cash, jewellery, and clothes from their sponsor’s villa in Dubai. The incident was reported last year, December 7. ALSO READ: Pinoy Drug Addict Bites Cop’s Hand to Resist Arrest At the Dubai Court of First Instance, the two housemaids face a theft charge for… Read more

Pinoy Drug Addict Bites Cop's Hand to Resist Arrest 4

Aside from being arrested for taking illegal drugs, a 42-year-old Filipino has been charged at a Dubai court with physical assault for biting a police officer. ALSO READ: 2 Pinoys Among Accused in Drowning of Emirati Boy On Sunday, February 3, the man was charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance for drug consumption and… Read more